The most healthful foods eat more beautiful

The handsome man eats for the beauty:

In an era of individuality, even diet can reflect the personality of a person. Many people have found that today's eating habits of men and women have also undergone some subtle changes. They have unexpectedly chosen to eat some unconventional foods. However, careful thinking makes people feel reasonable. This is their uniqueness. Department.

The perfect-looking and well-dressed urban beauty man is no less than a girl in terms of health care and skin care. He also pays special attention to the food he eats, and he has a set of his own health and beauty cultivation philosophy.

The “female women” in the city do their own thing and do whatever they want. They are not only exceptional, but also have an attitude towards eating. Many people have their own unique recipes.

Young men:

Eat and drink in the name of beauty

Nowadays, beautiful men and women are very much sought after by young boys and girls. They pay attention to the instrument. From the skin to the figure, they all want to show perfection. In addition to dressing and dressing, they must have good taste. They also understand that beauty should be from the inside out. "What to eat, you What is the reason? Their recipes may be of significance for many beautiful men and women!

Make face beautiful:

To make your skin healthy and radiant, you should choose foods rich in nucleic acids such as salmon and beans. Fruits and vegetables with antioxidant properties, including grapes, spinach, cereals, and green tea, help repair damaged skin. The most fundamental way to effectively control facial oil output is to have a regular life and to control the diet, such as not staying up late, reducing the amount of fried foods, high sugar foods (such as cakes, chocolates, etc.), More sports and so on. There are some skin favorite foods recommended by skin care experts.

Broccoli: Rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, and carotene, it enhances skin's resistance to damage and helps maintain skin elasticity.

Carrot: Contains a large amount of carotene, which helps maintain the normal function of skin cell tissue, stimulates the skin's metabolism, and keeps the skin moist and delicate.

Milk: It can improve skin cell activity, enhance skin tension, eliminate wrinkles and other effects.

Soybeans: rich in vitamin E, not only can destroy the chemical activity of free radicals, but also prevent pigmentation in the skin.

Kiwifruit: Rich in vitamin C, can interfere with melanin production, prevent pigmentation and keep skin white.

Tomatoes: Contains lycopene that helps smooth out new wrinkles and leaves skin smooth and delicate. An experiment found that eating tomatoes often does not appear dark circles and is not prone to sunburn.

Make bodybuilding:

Pattern beauty has a certain neutral beauty, but the proper amount of muscle is also a manifestation of beauty. We are familiar with the beautiful male Bae Yongjun, also began to catch up with the trend of muscular men. After training on a muscle, Bae Yong-joon also disclosed that it was four months of continuous eating of chicken breasts, drinking water, and going to the gym. In order to create a good shape, Bae Yongjun said that 80% rely on food, only eating chicken breast and drinking a few liters of water a day, trying to avoid salt and sugar. The dry and hard chicken breast is a pain for Bae Yong Joon who likes to patronize gourmet restaurants. Moreover, frequent chew of chicken also caused problems with his teeth. He said there was no way to be stricter with himself. He also listened to the coach's every sentence, let the last drop of water out of the body, the muscles will show the most perfect condition.

Green tea: Green tea is rich in vitamin C that black tea does not have. Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for preventing colds and moisturizing the skin. Green tea is rich in anti-aging, immune-boosting ingredients, nourishing and strengthening the body's amino acids, diuretic, eliminate stress, drink green tea can also keep your body, prevent constipation, so that the body always maintain the best condition.

For good health:

Only when there is health there is beauty. The beautiful male figure knows this truth very well and knows clearly which foods are good for men's health.

Pumpkin Seeds: Pumpkin Seeds are helpful for male prostate hypertrophy problems. It is also the best source of vitamin E and can be anti-aging.

Seafood: Seafood can enhance sexuality. Male semen contains a lot of zinc. When there is insufficient zinc in the body, the quantity and quality of sperm will be affected. Zinc, shrimp, and crab in seafood are rich in zinc.

High-vitamin C Food: Men's quality and quantity of sperm are declining after 24 years of age. Vitamin C can rejuvenate aging sperm. High-vitamin C foods include kiwi, orange, broccoli, and asparagus.

Urban "female"

Select "food" personality

Among current idol stars, “model girls” are very popular, and many urban women are also created in life. Their lives are very self-reported, they know what they want, and they have their own set of food. "Style" recipes. Let us take a look at some of the unique foods in their recipes.

Purple food:

In today's deep-rooted green food, urban women have been a step ahead of people, obsessed with purple food. For example, after the music scene, Mariah Carey was convinced that purple foods such as grapes and plums had the effects of anti-aging, wrinkle-resistance, and staying in beautiful appearances. Therefore, they specifically researched and invented some purple food recipes. At present, there are three days per week. These foods are strictly consumed according to these recipes. It is very likely that every meal will be “non-purple foods do not eat” in the future. Actually, this is not a strange argument. Scientific research shows that purple food is by far the most effective weapon in the natural world for anti-aging. In English, isn't there such a saying: "One plum a day, never having a facelift. Purple food can really prevent the aging of collagen and delay the relaxation of muscles. According to experts, purple has the function of disinfection and purification, which helps regulate the body's metabolism. The color of the berries such as grapes, black berry, etc. contain anthocyanin, some of these pigments have the effect of improving blood circulation, heart protection, and sedation. On the other hand, because purple collects a cold and hot red and blue, purple can calm people, reduce confusion, and maintain physical and mental balance.

Strange food:

When a woman chooses food, her nose sometimes plays a decisive role. Everyone knows that many strange foods around us can protect women's health.

Durian: Durian has a strong smell. It's no exaggeration to say that it is "smell and smelly." However, in Thailand, due to high nutritional value, durian is often used as a supplement for patients and postpartum women to nourish the body. It can also improve the symptoms of cold abdomen, can promote the increase of body temperature, is the ideal supplement for the cold body; use durian husk and pig bone soup together is also a traditional folk diet recipe.

Garlic: Bright hair. A large number of epidemiological surveys showed that the incidence of cancer was significantly lower in garlic-producing areas and people who consumed garlic for a long time. Eating half a raw garlic every day can inhibit breast cancer and ovarian cancer.

Mustard: The main ingredient of mustard nose is isothiocyanate. This ingredient not only prevents tooth decay but also has certain effects on preventing cancer, preventing blood vessel plaque deposition, and assisting in the treatment of asthma.

Thin foods:

Apple: It is rich in pectin, which can accelerate detoxification and reduce heat absorption.

Pineapple: Contains large amounts of proteolytic enzymes that help digestion of meat proteins.

Banana: rich in dietary fiber, potassium, etc., so it has a good bowel, muscle strengthening, diuretic and soft stool function.

Kiwifruit: It is rich in dietary fiber, potassium and proteolytic enzymes, so it works well with meat dishes.

Lemon: Citric acid is an essential part of the process of promoting the metabolism of calories and it also has the function of eliminating fatigue.

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