Scorpion's hibernation habit

Hibernation refers to a biological feature of the scorpion that survives winter cold temperatures in a dormant state. Under normal circumstances, the wolfberry has been prepared for full hibernation before the onset of winter, including physical preparation for the accumulation of nutrients through large amounts of food and preparation for winter scorpions. After more than one month before hibernation, that is, after the molting period in September, whether it is a pupa or a cub, the appetite becomes strong and the appetite increases. The body accumulates a large amount of nutrients such as fat and protein for consumption during hibernation. . In the main production areas of East Asia, such as North China and Northeast China, the temperature of 5 cm topsoil is often below -10°C, and the soil moisture content is also very low, which is not conducive to the survival of scorpions. Therefore, the scorpion's hibernation often goes below 30 cm below the ground, and sometimes it even squats in the soil below 70 cm to 80 cm. During hibernation, the scorpion burrows in the nest and does not eat. Its behavioral activity is almost completely stopped, and only the necessary physiological metabolic activity in the body is maintained at the lowest level. This crouching state is generally the deepest in the middle and late stages of hibernation, and the most irritating response to the external environment, but it can easily lead to death due to the influence of the external environment. This is because it is the worst and most fragile period for Xunzi's resistance and immune system. At this time, individuals who are emaciated and stunted are often unable to safely spend their hibernation period because of poor resilience or their underlying metabolism that cannot be maintained for long periods of time. The hibernation habit of scorpions is the result of long-term adaptation and selection of the environment in the natural state. This is to develop artificially constant temperature breeding without a dormant period, accelerate the growth and development of the gardenia, and thus provide the possibility of raising the economic benefits of artificial breeding.

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