Demystify the top ten “pseudo-healthy” foods

Eating these things is both easy to grow and completely nutritious. Although it is marked with nutrients in many places, it is actually a legendary junk food. Eating less of these foods will make you healthier.

Green tea beverage

Asians generally love to drink green tea and even turn it into an art. Green tea contains antioxidants and other healthful ingredients that can prevent cancer, heart disease, aging and other aging-related diseases. But most Americans do not like the taste, so manufacturers add sugar and other additives to make green tea drinks and sell them around the corners of healthy drinks. In fact, any component of the “green tea” bottle, such as saccharin, preservatives, etc., makes it farther away from us in terms of health.

Filling soup

Soups are very healthy, and they are inexpensive and easy to make. However, canned soups are made from salt, fats, artificial additives, preservatives, and perhaps some dehydrated carrots, which have a very low "nutrition" of nutritional value. A pot of soup contains 1,000 milligrams of sodium, which is about half the amount you need each day. Therefore, prepare chicken, beef bones and vegetables by yourself and make a bowl of hot and fragrant soup.


The common fried fish fillets are made of mackerel. This fish is rich in unsaturated fatty acids (DHA, etc.) that are beneficial to health. Various fish fillets and fish fillet products are labeled as "nutritive" by themselves. . However, please be aware that there are often a dozen ingredients on the packaging of squid fillets. The tedious processing has made it less healthy. A lot of salt, monosodium glutamate, and saturated fats brought in when fried. Therefore, if you purchase processed fish products, their harm to human health may be beyond the benefits it can bring.

Processing yogurt

Yogurt is fermented from fresh milk, which is rich in protein, calcium and vitamins. For those who cannot enjoy milk due to lactose intolerance, yogurt can be a good choice. But yoghurt sold in major supermarkets in the United States has already been made into "sweets" full of sugar and various processed fruits, and it is these businesses that use these "packages" to disguise it as healthy foods. Therefore, it is best to choose ordinary non-fat yogurt at the time of purchase, if necessary, add some fruits.

Tawny potato

Tawny potatoes produced in Iowa are cheaper and easier to grow than common potatoes. However, after the potatoes are eaten, the starch they contain will quickly turn into blood sugar, increasing the risk of diabetes and obesity. Because its taste is also not very good, many people have to take measures to make them taste more delicious: Cook them well, then pound them into mud, stuff them in butter, or peel them, fry them and sprinkle them on the surface. Layers of salt. The food produced in this way is even more unhealthy.


Now people are no longer treating popcorn as a health food. In fact, popcorn is processed from corn. It is rich in fiber and has very low calories. It contains almost no sugar, salt and fat. However, today's microwave popcorn has added a lot of additional ingredients to improve its taste, and it is no longer a nutritious food that is healthy. Buying a cheap bulk product when buying popcorn is a good option, and you have to control the amount of salt and butter yourself.

Sugar bread

The most common bread in the United States is the mass production of white round bales. High-quality bread is indeed made from flour, water, and a small amount of salt and yeast. However, today's finished-packaged white bread contains sugar, corn syrup and many other ingredients. The food processed through these procedures will quickly turn into blood sugar once you swallow it. Even now, many mass-produced whole-wheat breads are harmful to health because they increase the taste with some “harmful substances”: sugar, salt, and softeners. It is best to choose raisin oat bread or barley bread coated with pure jam.

Breakfast oatmeal, corn flakes

Grains such as wheat, barley, rice and oats have always been the most important food for humans. Their protein, dietary fiber and vitamins are unmatched by other foods. However, food producers use "grain" two-barley oil, which combines a small amount of cereals with a large amount of starch, sugar, corn syrup, salt, food colorings, and preservatives to produce "variety" and is well received by children. Like breakfast cereals, the nutrients of these cereals are greatly reduced.

Commercial organic food

Organic foods are cultivated naturally and do not involve any insecticides or chemical fertilizers. They are almost regarded as the “savior” of the era of food contamination. For more than 30 years, we have been pursuing this goal. However, driven by interests, its nutritional value system began to experience a crisis. The organic milk we drink now comes from captive cattle that are forced to feed organic grains. There are also various types of “junk foods” that contain “organic ingredients”. They are disguised as healthy foods through organic labels. The organic ingredients are only known to the manufacturer.


In Italy, pizzas have even been protected by law, requiring them to be processed from whole wheat flour, ketchup, cottage cheese, olive oil, and basil spices. Pizza was originally very nutritious. The pizzas currently sold by many fast food chains use preservatives, cheap artificial fats, canned fruits without nutrition, meats that can be frozen for a long time, and a large amount of salt. These pizzas have very high caloric and sodium content and nutritional value. Not worth mentioning.

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