Rising up to 10% of the Dragon Boat Festival

Although there is still some time away from the Dragon Boat Festival, major businesses have begun to build momentum for the Dragon Boat Festival. Yesterday, the reporter learned that in addition to the traditional food companies competing in the dice market, the Wuhan Little Blue Whale Hot ----more

Four seasons sea lice common pest control

Diseases: stem rot pests and diseases: sugar beet leucorrhea spotted cotton wax mulberry stalk rot [symptom] The victim plants had dark spots on the base of the stem near the soil surface, expanded in brown color, and rotted. Infestation of leaves with pathogenic bacteria caused dark green water ----more

Prevent chili peppers from breaking fruit and pay atten…

Recently, many farmers who grow shed peppers have reflected in the store that there are more cracks in the peppers, and their commerciality is reduced. What causes the phenomenon of pepper cracking? After investigating the inside of the greenhouse, the author found that the causes of the cracks in ----more

The retail price of 423 drugs in Yunnan is subject to a…

Business News Agency May 18th, the Yunnan Provincial Price Bureau announced the first batch of basic medical supplies in Yunnan Province in 2011, the centralized purchase of retail prices, the province's county and above non-profit medical institutions sales of drug sales will be unifo ----more

The Damage and Control of Bacterial Kerb Disease of Cuc…

Bacterial keratopathy is one of the major diseases on cucumber, which has gradually increased in recent years. Measures should be taken as soon as possible. Cucumber can develop from the seedling stage to the adult stage, mainly damage the leaves, and occasionally occurs on melons and vines. The le ----more

Early control of wheat stalk rot

The occurrence of stalk rot in wheat aphid peanuts generally reduces production by 20-30% in field plots and 40% in severe sick fields, and should be prevented and treated as soon as possible. Stalk rot pathogens mainly invade from the wound, the seed quality is poor, the seedling stage grows weak, ----more

Rat 3-nitrotyrosine (3-NT) ELISA kit instruction manual

Rat 3 -nitrotyrosine (3-NT) ELISA kit instruction manual   ( used in serum, plasma, cell culture supernatants and other biological fluids ) principle This experiment used double antibody sandwich ABC-ELISA. The anti-rat 3-NT monoclonal antibody was coated on the plate, the 3-NT in the standard ----more