Hualian: Gene analysis of complex diseases with the con…

In the post-genome era, the emergence of microarrays allowed researchers to explore molecular mechanisms in a macroscopic view. After many efforts and resources have been devoted to finding new disease genes, many single-gene diseases have successfully identified disease-causing genes. However, in ----more

Facility vegetables prevent low temperature and high hu…

As temperatures continue to fall, the production of vegetables in facilities is becoming more and more unfavorable. In particular, due to the decrease in air temperature and the reduction of ventilation time, the humidity in the protected areas increases, causing and aggravating the occurrence of ----more

Winter squash short courgette

The squash squash strips grow short and grow thick, which can seriously affect the commercial value of zucchini and reduce the income of vegetable farmers. It is recommended to prevent the occurrence of courgettes in the early winter. In the winter greenhouse, the temperature and the ground tempe ----more

Fishery feed identification

Bone meal: Mainly to identify whether it is mixed with stone powder? Shell powder? Fine sand and so on. Pure bone powder is off-white, powdery or granular, and some of the particles are honeycombed. Adulterated bone meal has only a few honeycombs, and bone meal mixed with shell powder has a whitis ----more

Where is the fruit tree pest in winter?

Most fruit trees gradually fall into the dormant phase as the weather cools down. Various pests also form dormant structures, such as pest eggs, crickets, mature larvae, fungal chlamydospore, sclerotia, and sexual reproduction organs. Relatively concentrated in some fixed places. This helps us to ----more

Lamb's 100-day slaughter

Since the ruminants of about 100-day-old lambs have a weak digestive ability and a strong digestion ability in the stomach, they are easy to digest and have a high digestibility rate. For the 45-day-old weaning lambs, feeding and whole feeding were conducted. After 50 days of fattening, the lambs ----more

Apple orchard winter management details

Do not rush to paint the trunk white after careful inspection of fallen leaves after leafing. Firstly, conduct thorough and detailed inspections on the fruit trees. The fruit trees must be checked for nicks, scars, and large branches. Carefully and thoroughly remove the lesions and dead skin on th ----more