Dairy cow daily feeding observation 13 look

Look at mental health Cows are spirited, sensitive, and sensitive to the surrounding environment. Diseased cows are characterized by mental depression or excitement, bowing heads, eyes with no eyes, being immobile, being unresponsive to the surrounding stimuli, and more common in some chronic dise ----more

Common technical performance parameters of pumps

There are six main parameters that characterize pump performance: flow, head, power, efficiency, speed, and allowable vacuum height (or required NPSH). These parameters are related to each other. When one of the parameters changes, other working parameters will change ----more

There are three taboos in wine side dishes

Wine is a natural, complex beverage that is easily appreciated by people. The principle of adaptation of wine and dishes is that the style of wine and dishes should not be a pressure on or cover up another, wine and food should not be noisy and beating the marriage. A bogey for seafood Red wine ----more

How can winter greenhouse vegetables be insulated?

In winter, the cultivation of greenhouses has been affected by the temperature to a certain extent. How can the greenhouse be insulated in the winter? The heat preservation of greenhouses has always been a key problem for growers, especially in the northern regions of China, and even affected the ----more

2 tons of tap water waterproof cylinder scale = 2 tons …

2 tons of tap water waterproof cylinder scale = 2 tons of chemical explosion-proof cylinder scale = performance characteristics Professional manufacturing, China famous brand products! Quality, service no one can compare! The cylinder scale is a professional electronic s ----more

Listed on the Spring Festival New Peach Variety - Winte…

Listed on the Spring Festival New Peach Variety - Winter Snow Peach The Winter Mushroom Peach, a new breed of extremely late ripe peach that we have been breeding in winter for eight years, has ended the winter without a peach fruit supply history, and has created a new era of Spring Festival lis ----more

Coating technology of Chinese medicine pills

Coating technology of Chinese medicine pills In addition to improving the appearance, taste, and drug stability, the pellet coating is mainly aimed at improving the biopharmaceutical properties of the drug. The coating of the pellets can be carried out in a coating pan or a high-efficiency coating ----more