What is the dry grain quality requirement?

Dry pellet quality requirements 1, the main drug content According to the test method of the finished product of the tablet, the content of the main drug should meet the requirements. 2, water content The moisture content of dry pellets for traditional Chinese medi ----more

Spring chillies and peppers do not bend four straight

“There is a large amount of Fruit curling in spring pods. How can we ensure that chillies will not come out of the lingering fruit?” In a recent interview with reporters at Datian Town, Shouguang City, many vegetable farmers asked this question. The vegetable farmer Gong Zhichang of Be ----more

How Spring Sweet Potato Improves Yield and Quality (I)

Spring sweet potato is a high-yielding crop. If it can strengthen management, the yield and quality will be greatly improved. Practice shows that the following nine strokes have a good effect on improving the yield and quality of spring sweet potato. 1. Deep plowing in sweet potato fields in pota ----more

How to use various pig feeds and precautions

The quality of breeding and breeding boars has a great impact on the breeding of the whole herd. The breeding boar is the basis for obtaining a large number of high-quality pigs, and it is also a prerequisite for the farm to obtain good economic benefits. Therefore, the scientific feeding and mana ----more

Spring feed for laying hens

Spring is the hen peak season of egg production. To achieve good breeding efficiency, the nutrients in the feed must be adjusted. There are four changes that must be made to feed adjustments for laying hens in the spring. 1. Changes in Energy Needs In the winter when the temperature of the laying ----more

Hydroponic flower fertilization

1. Selection of Fertilizers Water culture flowers need to be fed with specialized nutrient solutions, which are generally not suitable for their own preparation. The soilless culture solution is prepared according to the proportion, concentration, and acidity of flowers needed for the flower, and ----more

Four changes in spring layer feed

Changes in energy demand After warming temperatures in the spring, more energy feed will increase the weight of the chickens, which will not only promote chickens to lay eggs, but will reduce the chicken's egg production rate. The reduction in metabolic energy to 2700 kcal can significantly in ----more