Potato rich in mineral food

Potatoes contain 9 of the 14 basic minerals we routinely need, such as ensuring that heart-healthy potassium minerals are inorganic substances on Earth. Every day we need to consume minerals to ensure our body grows. There are ninety-two types of minerals in nature, of which fourteen are what we ----more

Preventing Freezing of Winter Wheat in Two Periods

The freezing damage occurred during the seedling and returning stages of winter wheat has a great impact on the yield. The freezing damage in these two periods has frequently occurred in wheat production in Xinji and other places in recent years, causing large economic losses to farmers. If we can ----more

How to do eggplant cracking

There are two main reasons for eggplant cracking. 1. Physiological diseases: If flower buds are poorly differentiated during flowering, they are prone to malformed flowers. Malformed flowers can cause malformed or cracked fruits. Such as partial application of high nitrogen fertilizer or spray ant ----more

Hot Pepper Cultivation Techniques in Winter

The protective cultivation of peppers in winter is the use of a greenhouse or greenhouse sheds, grass sheds above the grass, planting in the winter before the winter flowering results, a method of cultivation listed in early spring. It is also the most technologically advanced and most difficult c ----more

The Mechanization of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Regi…

At present, the agricultural and animal husbandry production methods in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region have achieved a historic leap from human and animal husbandry to mechanical operations. Agricultural mechanization has become an important means to achieve the transformation of tra ----more

Green radish winter conservation knowledge

The green dill is hot and humid, and the best growth temperature is from 20°C to 30°C. It creates a suitable growth environment in winter and becomes the key to the success of conservation. On Conservation??(14) 庖 录 龇 龇 龇 龇?/P> The light green radish i ----more

High and low temperature damp heat test chamber common …

1. Common structural test personnel should have an understanding of their structure in addition to correct operation according to the operating procedures. The high and low temperature damp heat test chamber is composed of a box body, a wind circulation system, a refrig ----more