Cow farmers commonly used disinfection method

First, the disinfection method Mechanical removal method It is mainly through cleaning, scrubbing, ventilation, filtration and other mechanical methods to remove pathogens. Although this method is common and commonly used, it cannot achieve the purpose of thorough disinfection. As an auxiliary m ----more

Pigs must not ignore the importance of water

Water is the most common and basic substance. Like air, it is absolutely indispensable for pig growth and breeding. It is a component of approximately 75% of the pig body and is involved in body temperature regulation, nutrient absorption, transport, metabolism and waste discharge, lubrication of ----more

Introduction to ELISPOT technology principles and exper…

ELISPOT technology principle With the wide application of enzyme-linked immunoassay technology in the fields of medicine and biology, new breakthroughs have been made in the detection of various cytokines and antibodies in vitro. In the study of immune response mechanism, enzyme-linked immunosorb ----more

Yuedong black pig

The eastern Guangdong black pigs are slightly rectangular in shape, with clear heads, moderate size, and flatter width. Only a few are plump or rhomboid. Ears are small and oblique, mouths are long and pointed, and jaws are narrow. Local people Call it "shrimp head". The back is slightly ----more

Four strokes can increase goose down yield

In the diet of each goose was added 0.9 g of finely ground sulfur, 1.5 g of silkworm sand, 0.6 g of earthworms, and 0.9 g of stimulating hormone, which can be extracted 15 days in advance. Immediately after each goose down, intramuscular injection of vitamin B12 was injected once a day. Each time ----more

How to identify small pigs

The ear of the pig has a large ear, which is shaped like a leaf-shaped circle of poplar. The ear of the small fragrant pig is small, not wide, and stands a little. The nose of the small pig is shorter than the domestic pig and it looks like it has been cut. The food intake of small fragrant pigs ----more

Pay attention to solve the problem of pig production in…

In summer, the temperature is high, the temperature difference between day and night is small, and the humidity is high. Because pig sweat glands are underdeveloped, the pigs are particularly afraid of heat, especially the high temperature and humidity, the pigs feel very uncomfortable. Therefore, ----more