"Improper feed restriction" influences sow…

The purpose of “restricted feed” for pregnant sows is to: 1 increase embryo implantation rate, 2 control body condition, and increase feed intake during lactation. “Unreasonable feed restriction” interpretation: “Incorrect feed restriction” is not necessarily e ----more

Summer corn seedling blight prevention and cure

In recent years, the incidence of seedling blight of summer maize in Shandong has aggravated, which has become one of the major diseases that harm corn production. According to the survey, the diseased plant rate in the general field is 10% to 15%, and the severe land mass is 20% to 50%, which has ----more

Viral disease caused loofah appearance

The continuous drought in our province since winter and spring has caused serious damage to vegetable locusts. In the near future, some parts of loofahs in the greenhouses in the local area appear to be “headed” and the leaves are rolled up. After field observation and analysis, loofah ----more

Millet cultivation techniques

Millet is warm, adaptable, resistant to drought, barren, and not afraid of acid and alkali. It has been planted in the dry and barren mountainous regions of China. Planting points: 1 It is not appropriate to repeat the disease. Even if the disease is serious and there are many weeds, it must be a ----more

Pollution-free Vegetable Production Needs "Three L…

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards and China's accession to the WTO, people’s demand for vegetables has become increasingly stringent, especially for the “safety” of vegetables. There is also a strong demand for vegetable production in accorda ----more

Correctly grasp the harvest period of corn

The maturation of corn needs to go through three phases: milk ripening, wax ripening and ripening. Due to the difference between corn and other crops, the seeds are planted on the ear and are not easy to fall off after ripening, and ripening can be accomplished on the plants. Therefore, the ripenin ----more

The characteristics and cultivation techniques of summe…

I. Characteristics and popularization of summer sowing cotton The summer sowing cotton in Huang-Huai cotton district is generally selected from short-season cotton varieties. The general growth period is less than 110 days, the plant height is 70-80 cm, and the plants are compact and the fruiting b ----more