V type mixer installation and use

There are still many things that we need to pay attention to during the installation and use of the V-type mixer. This will help us maintain the V-type mixer and increase its service life. Step/method installation: Place the machine stably, install the machine feet, level the plate, make the mechan ----more

Prevention of air conditioning disease: drink ginger so…

Sweat can detoxify The incidence of air-conditioning disease is increasing year by year. The cause of this disease is the large temperature difference between the indoor and outdoor areas. When entering a low-temperature room, the body's capillaries quickly shrink and the pores of sweat are t ----more

Summer Health 5 Diet

Eat less tiredness--summon porridge as a staple food in summer The porridge foods are easy to digest, they can not only help to supplement the water consumed by sweating, but also can quickly add blood sugar and energy, which is the best staple food for the summer heat. When you make porridge, ad ----more

Sustonatal births for sows

In the first trimester of sows, stillbirths occur due to disease, nutrition, stress, etc. during pregnancy. After stillbirth, they are often unable to give birth spontaneously or to full-term puberty. Prolonged delay will reduce the breeding ability of sows and even lose their value. After usual ----more

Breeding Pigs in Fermentation Bed Improves Piglet Survi…

Why do pigs in a fermentation bed raise the survival rate of piglets? First of all, let us first understand the reasons for the low survival rate of pigs in traditional cement houses. The survival rate of piglets in conventional cement sheds is low: First, the body's thermoregulatory function ----more

Teach you the choice of agricultural seed mixer

Mixed seed refers to a mixture of seeds of different crop types or a mixture of seeds of different varieties of the same crop or a mixture of seeds of different production methods and different processing methods of the same variety. Mixed seeds are commonly found in crop mixed seeds, pasture mixed ----more

The top of the mushroom is not full of beef

If you have a kind of food that is both delicious and full-fledged and you don’t consume too much energy, would you be happy? Recently, the United States “eats up” website to publish a research result: Researchers find a kind of food that is full of beef and energy is very low ----more