How to increase the insecticidal effect of BT insectici…

BT insecticides, namely Bacillus thuringiensis microbial insecticides, contain parasporal crystals and spores of toxin-killing insects, which are effective in killing insect pests, and have been widely used for the safety of humans and animals, harmless to natural enemies, and difficult to produce ----more

Yuncheng Fruit Tree Nursery Base

Luyuan County, Shanxi Province, the red nursery for many years of foreign distribution of high-quality sterile, non-toxic fruit tree seedlings, green seedlings. The seedlings sold have the characteristics of high survival rate, strong adaptability, robust growth, early results, good quality, and l ----more

Early occurrence and control of cotton wilt

Cotton wilt disease is one of the major diseases causing cotton seedlings. The peak season of early cotton in North China was in late May, resulting in a large number of dead seedlings, especially those with severe crop failure and severe verticillium wilt. It was too late to make up for a serious ----more

Red Meat Honey Pomelo Management Five Steps

First, post-plant management The careful management after planting can greatly increase the survival rate of planting. 1. Timely watering: If water is sprayed once a week, it should be sprayed once a week. 2, pay attention to drainage: timely drainage after the rain stains to prevent rot. 3, t ----more

Pea powdery mildew prevention

1. Symptoms The disease mainly affects the leaves, vines and seed pods. The leaves suffered damage. In the initial stage, white powdery yellowish patches developed on the leaf surface, followed by enlargement of irregularly shaped grain plaques. They were connected together to form a composite film ----more

High Yield Cultivation Technique of Platycodon grandifl…

The Platycodon grandiflorum is a perennial grassy plant. It is rooted in medicine and can be used for both medicine and food. Hi cool and humid conditions, afraid of water, hi light, cold. Suitable growth temperature is 10-20 °C, the optimum temperature is 20 °C, can tolerate -20 °C low t ----more

Flue-cured tobacco pesticide safe use technology

I. Alternate use of different types of pesticides Practice has proved that some kinds of medium and low-toxicity pesticides can not only solve various pest and disease control problems encountered in production, but also have low use cost and high economic benefits. Most of the current pests and ----more