Scorpion's hibernation habit

Hibernation refers to a biological feature of the scorpion that survives winter cold temperatures in a dormant state. Under normal circumstances, the wolfberry has been prepared for full hibernation before the onset of winter, including physical preparation for the accumulation of nutrients through ----more

The most healthful foods eat more beautiful

The handsome man eats for the beauty: In an era of individuality, even diet can reflect the personality of a person. Many people have found that today's eating habits of men and women have also undergone some subtle changes. They have unexpectedly chosen to eat some unconventional foods. Howe ----more

Demystify the top ten “pseudo-healthy” foods

Eating these things is both easy to grow and completely nutritious. Although it is marked with nutrients in many places, it is actually a legendary junk food. Eating less of these foods will make you healthier. Green tea beverage Asians generally love to drink green tea and even turn it into an ----more

"Hunger Hormone" can promote brain cell growt…

Release date: 2010-11-22 The German Federation of Medical Science Associations issued a communique on the 15th that its researchers found that the "hungry hormone" Ghrelin, which stimulates appetite, also protects brain cells and promotes their growth. This finding may contribute to t ----more

Plant ash accumulation method

Due to the large amount of potassium carbonate, the plant ash is the only alkaline potassium fertilizer in farmyard manure. Human excrement and manure are acidic organic fertilizers, so the two meet, acid and alkali neutralization, nutrient loss. According to the measurement, after mixing grass ash ----more

Seeding Techniques for Cotton Seeding

The transplanting of cotton in China began in late March and continued until May. Due to the slow recovery of temperature this spring, the frequency of cold waves is high, the intensity is high, and the coldness is heavy. In late March, the temperature is obviously lower by more than 2°C. In add ----more

How to inoculate straw biogas?

In order to ensure the gas production rate of straw biogas, sufficient inoculum must be added before the start of the biogas digester. The amount of inoculum added should generally account for 20% to 30% of the total weight of the fermentation broth. The manure faeces are generally added in the old ----more