Fruit trees defend against "cold winter"

Every spring, the “cold spring” has become a major “killer” for the production and income increase of fruit trees. What effective measures can be taken to minimize the losses caused by such natural disasters?

The “cold spring” has caused damage to all fruit trees, especially the damage to apricots, cherries, apples, pears, kiwifruit and other early flowering fruit trees. Conditional winter irrigation and spring irrigation are needed. Winter irrigation can maintain ground temperature and avoid frostbite of fruit trees. Spring irrigation can reduce ground temperature and delay budding and flowering of fruit trees. Another method is to dry the skin and apply amino acids to the trunk to increase the nutrition of the tree and enhance the cold resistance of the tree. If the pesticide is added to the metal ginkgo diluted 4,000 times, the overwintering pest that lurks on the trunk can be put. Kill. Can also use lime, lime sulfur, salt, vegetable oil smear the trunk, the ratio is 5:1:0.5:0.5. The purpose of applying salt and vegetable oils is to prevent the trunk cracks from falling off, and Tu Tuo sulfur can both prevent freezing and prevent insects. In addition, the traditional method of anti-frost frost is also very effective, the specific approach is that when the temperature dropped below zero degrees Celsius, the top of the orchard will be littered with firewood, requiring firewood can not be too dry, or smoke less effective. It is best to have all the orchards that can be joined together in a unified manner. This works best.

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