Where is the fruit tree pest in winter?

Most fruit trees gradually fall into the dormant phase as the weather cools down. Various pests also form dormant structures, such as pest eggs, crickets, mature larvae, fungal chlamydospore, sclerotia, and sexual reproduction organs. Relatively concentrated in some fixed places. This helps us to take preventive measures. According to the survey, the overwintering places of fruit trees are as follows:

The first is soil and diseased leaves, diseased fruits and weeds. It has been ascertained that the pests of Prunus persicae, T. gracilis, T. gracilis, Scarabaeida as well as C. elegans and C. elegans are mainly fleas, adults, and larvae that live in the soil around the base of the tree, and overwinter under the stones. , Pygmy arborescens, Pyglossus elegans, and some leafhoppers winter in weeds; multiple brown spot, scab, gray leaf spot, apple flower rot, grape white rot, downy mildew, peach brown rot Diseases and other pathogens are mainly found in the orchard's litter and rotten fruit. We call it the "disease." The germs live in rot. Their development and survival depend largely on the diseased body. Therefore, all measures to promote the decay of litter as soon as possible can play a preventive role. For example, plowing tillage, winter irrigation and applying organic fertilizer and fungus fertilizer to increase soil microbial species, etc.

The second is in the tree. Including damaged branches, stamens and bark, such as leafhopper, yellow-legged moth, leaf roller moth, pear stem beetle, pear borer, apple moth, a variety of scale insects, aphids, leafhoppers, and cockroaches Pests and peaches, pears, apples, brown rot, rot, ring rot, anthrax, dry rot, etc. are on the rough skin, diseased skin, scars on the winter. For these pests and diseases, weeds should be cut off promptly, pests and branches should be removed, and the diseased fruit remaining on the tree body should be removed; scraping off the rough skin, cracked skin, diseased skin and even the removal of diseased plants is a very effective prevention and control measure. A special reminder to farmers' friends is that the cleared bodies must be burned or buried deeply. In addition, the trunk whitening can not only prevent freezing damage, but also eliminate some germs and pests. Before spraying, 1 Baume degree lime sulfur or 45% crystal lime sulfur is sprayed 100 times. After clearing the garden, 4 to 5 Baume degrees limestone or 45% crystal lime sulfur is sprayed 30 to 50 times. It is also very effective.

The third is in seedlings or other propagation materials and their accompanying soil. This creates an opportunity for pests and diseases to spread with seedlings over long distances. Therefore, attention should be paid to the cultivation of disease-free seedlings and the introduction of quarantine measures to the imported and exported seedlings.

Here, we must also remind farmers that at the same time as they are doing a good job in sales and storage of fruit, they must also pay close attention to fertility management and pest control work in orchards. As the saying goes: It's a winter break, and there are fewer than 10,000 in summer.

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