Facility vegetables prevent low temperature and high humidity diseases

As temperatures continue to fall, the production of vegetables in facilities is becoming more and more unfavorable. In particular, due to the decrease in air temperature and the reduction of ventilation time, the humidity in the protected areas increases, causing and aggravating the occurrence of diseases such as gray mold, sclerotinia, and late blight, and the following measures are taken to prevent them:

Strictly control watering, avoid watering on cloudy days; loosen soil in time, increase ground temperature, and promote new roots. Timely medication. Prevention of gray mold, sclerotinia disease, can use 50% procymidone wettable powder, creumabine 65% methylthiomycin wettable powder, Shijiale 400 g/litre pyrimethanil suspension agent spray, or per acre 250 to 300 grams of smoke with 15% Procymidone smoke. For the prevention of late blight and downy mildew, it is possible to use Kelu 72% urea manganese zinc wettable powder 600 times, or Jinlei 68% fine amazan Mn zinc water dispersible granule 600 to 800 times liquid, or fasting net 52.5 % Ketone cymoxan water dispersible granules 1800 times, or Amisida 25% azoxystrobin suspension 1500 times spray; can also be used before the onset of 45% per acre chlorothalonil smoke 250 to 300 grams of smoke Smoke prevention. The spray should be uniform and careful, to avoid the liquid drip or dripping along the leaves, silicone additives can be added to the liquid to improve the control effect.


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