Winter squash short courgette

The squash squash strips grow short and grow thick, which can seriously affect the commercial value of zucchini and reduce the income of vegetable farmers. It is recommended to prevent the occurrence of courgettes in the early winter.

In the winter greenhouse, the temperature and the ground temperature are low, and the light is weak. The photosynthetic efficiency of summer squash is low, and the nutrition of the plant body is less. Coupled with the decline in the root function of Zucchini, the absorption, transportation, and utilization of fertilizer and water are hindered, and the flower buds of Zucchini are poorly differentiated, resulting in an increase in short crude melons. In addition, if the concentration of vegetable melon medicine is too large, wipe melon too early, but also easily lead to abnormal development of melon strips, the formation of short crude melon; stay Guaduo, not sparse melon, melon strip growth and development of nutrients needed, will Impede the normal growth of melons and form short crude melons.

Remind vegetable farmers to take measures to prevent short courgettes in summer. Firstly, to improve the environmental conditions in the shed, and the zucchini enters the nectar-fruiting stage, so as to maintain high temperature and keep melons. During the day, the temperature of the shed is maintained at 25°C, and photosynthesis is enhanced, photosynthetic products are accumulated, and nighttime Keep the temperature at 12 °C ~ 14 °C, in order to facilitate the transfer of photosynthetic products to melon strips, promote melon strip growth. At the same time, it is necessary to pick up leaves in time to improve the ventilation and light transmission conditions between the rows and reduce nutrient consumption. The second is to pay attention to top dressing. Functional fertilizer and total water-soluble fertilizer with topdressing, rooting, promote vine, improve plant growth. Also add foliar fertilizer, improve leaf photosynthesis and delay aging. The third is to pay attention to wipe the concentration of melon drugs should not be too large, we must first test and then apply, wipe the time before the opening of the female flower or flowering day is appropriate.

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