Fishery feed identification

Bone meal: Mainly to identify whether it is mixed with stone powder? Shell powder? Fine sand and so on. Pure bone powder is off-white, powdery or granular, and some of the particles are honeycombed. Adulterated bone meal has only a few honeycombs, and bone meal mixed with shell powder has a whitish color. If you put a little bone powder on the fire, the bone powder will produce steam and have a pungent odor. The steam and smell produced by the adulterated bone meal will be less.

Bean cake: It is mainly to identify whether it is mixed with silt, broken corn or stone powder. Soak the bean cake in water and gently stir it by hand after two or three hours. If there is mud, the delamination will be obvious. The upper layer is bean cake and the lower layer is sediment. It is also advisable to use a small amount of the sample in a clean white porcelain basin, spread it thinly, and add a few drops of iodine. After one minute, if the substance turns black, it means that corn and rice hulls are mixed.

Fishmeal: Mainly to identify whether cottonseed cake, rapeseed cake, urea, sediment, etc. are mixed. Qualified fishmeal has the same particle size. A large number of fish muscle fibers and a small amount of fish bone, fish scales, fish eyes, etc. are visible to the naked eye. The color is light yellow and yellow brown. Or yellow-green, with a sense of loose hand, no agglomeration, no stickiness, fish smell, no smell.

Organic Inulin Powder

Organic inulin powder is a natural food source of prebiotic soluble fibers. Inulin is a soluble fiber naturally found in many fruits and vegetables like bananas, asparagus, garlic, onions, and more. Our inulin is extracted from the Jerusalem artichoke rhizome. We extracted the inulin by water extraction, ion exchange, membrane filtration, and spray drying, and other processes. Inulin has many health benefits. It can increase calcium absorption and possibly magnesium absorption while promoting the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria. As a good source of fiber, it contributes to normal bowel function when consumed with a healthy diet comprising a variety of foods.

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