Vegetable spraying eight attention

One should pay attention to the sprayer's spray eyes should be small, large eyes should be promptly replaced. Small sprays (about 1.5 mm in diameter) can spray fine mists, increase the amount of medicine the plant can take, and ensure the control effect. Spray eyes are too large, such as about 2 mm, sprayed medicine is difficult to fine mist, mostly water column-like, stems and leaves with less drugs, and uneven, many drops of water on the ground, will reduce the effectiveness of control. Therefore, the spray film should be replaced in time, and can not be changed for a year. In addition to good misting, the consumption of syrup is also low, which can save 1/3-1/2 of the drug costs. In addition to purchase, you can also make your own shots with a thin hard plastic cut into the size of the spray, the middle of a small hole with red needles Serve, saving expenses in line with their own needs, more than to buy a piece of metal Durable and more resistant to potion corrosion.

Second, we must pay attention to the main leaf spray. Pests and diseases occur on the back of the leaves. Many leaf diseases are invaded by the stomata on the back of the leaves. Therefore, it is necessary to spray the back of the leaves. The back of the leaves is sprayed, and other parts are easily sprayed. The medicine that falls on the front of the leaves is also necessary. Basically meet the requirements.

Third, pay attention to adding synergist or spreading agent. Pesticide synergists or spreaders can improve efficacy and delay the development of resistance. Equivalent use can be purchased for use, and detergent 1000-2000 times can be used instead.

Fourth, we must pay attention to the occurrence of drugs for pests and diseases. Avoid blindly spraying only the top of the head, only spray the upper part. Usually stem and leaf disease should be washed or sprayed with the whole plant, avoid spraying only part.

Fifth, pay attention to avoiding injury. Vegetables are most susceptible to drug susceptibility, so avoid using them. Such as beans with anti-drug Gong, Bifewweiwei, dexamethasone and high concentrations of copper preparations; tomatoes with Bidan, pyrimethanil; eggplant with mancozeb, etc. will appear phytotoxicity, we must strive not to use Avoid phytotoxicity. The use of high concentrations of pesticides; repeated spraying with a drug; blind a variety of mixed use; temperature is too high; liquid spray does not dry after a long time will induce injury, should avoid these adverse conditions.

Sixth, we must pay attention to implementing the idea of ​​early prevention and early prevention. If seed treatment, seedling prevention and control, insect protection against young age, disease prevention before the onset of disease, medication before watering, etc., as soon as possible fortification to control the occurrence of pests.

Seventh, it must be combined with other prevention and control measures. Do not rely solely on chemical control. Pay attention to the regulation of temperature, humidity, and fertilizer to make it more conducive to the growth of vegetables than to the reproduction of diseases and insects. It is also necessary to pay attention to the prevention of pests and insecticides in conjunction with the raising of leaves and roots. To increase the resistance of plants, 0.05% nucleotides and 6000 times sodium nitrate can be added to the drug. It is also necessary to pay attention to improving the resistance of vegetables themselves, such as the use of disease-resistant varieties.

Eighth, it is necessary to pay attention to spraying pesticides to control pests. Don't necessarily wipe out cleanness. In pest control of vegetables, spraying can control pests and diseases, and avoid large economic losses. It is the greatest victory. If you want to destroy, you must increase the amount of medication, increase the frequency of application, a variety of drugs and applications, even each spray even spray the ground. The consequence of this is that the more resistant the pests are, the more difficult it is to control. Ecology will also be destroyed by excessive application of pesticides. Pest control will encounter new problems and difficulties. It will even run out of control and plague, and the environment will be contaminated... It is humanity that suffers losses.

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