Rising up to 10% of the Dragon Boat Festival

Although there is still some time away from the Dragon Boat Festival, major businesses have begun to build momentum for the Dragon Boat Festival. Yesterday, the reporter learned that in addition to the traditional food companies competing in the dice market, the Wuhan Little Blue Whale Hotel and the Shangri-La Hotel, Wuhan have also launched dice products.

In addition, foreign brands did not come out of sales and they withdrew from the Wuhan market. According to incomplete statistics, compared with last year, the number of field products in the end market dropped by 30%.

The price increase of glutinous rice directly led to the price of glutinous rice. The Yangtze River, Wufangzhai and other products all increased prices, and the average price rose by 15%-20%.

Xu Xiangsong, head of the sales department of Wuchang Yangzijiang Dairy Co., Ltd. of Wuhan City, introduced that some products in the Yangzi River have increased in price, while others have adopted weight-reducing policies.

Analyst Ma Wenfeng, an analyst at Beijing Oriental Agri Consulting Co., Ltd., believes that at the beginning of this year, the country raised the purchase price of rice, and the price increase of rice was relatively large, which was a 10% increase compared with the same period of last year, and the increase in labor costs caused by inflation. The price of rice dumplings rose.

In addition to the price increase in the Yangtze River, Zhejiang Wufangzhai gift box dumplings rose by 10%, bulk up by 5%, the Yuan ancestry son rose an average of 15%.

“The Dragon Boat Festival has a short time, and the market is small, but the capacity of the dumpling market has increased by 20% every year, and it has continuously attracted companies to get involved,” said Hong Zongben, general manager of Wuhan Yuanzu Food Co., Ltd.

In addition to traditional food companies robbing the market, high-end hotels in Wuhan have also been added. Huang Pingping, Marketing Communications Department of Shangri-La Hotel, Wuhan, said that their hotels had pushed their products for six years, mainly to buy the market, and they responded well.

The reporter found that last year's sales in the United States store in Wuhan, China, Jiangxi Tengwang Pavilion, Chengdu Qianweifang and other foreign brands, have disappeared this year. According to industry sources, each year in Wuhan, the cake market is close to 50 million yuan, and there are nearly 40 varieties in the local and foreign markets. Due to fierce market competition, overseas varieties have dropped by 30% this year.

Industry analysts believe that many foreign branded products lack features and it is difficult to locate the market. In addition, due to the financial crisis, the market continues to shrink, coupled with high terminal costs, so the sales of foreign brands can not come up, had to withdraw from the Wuhan market.

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