The retail price of 423 drugs in Yunnan is subject to a ceiling price

Business News Agency May 18th, the Yunnan Provincial Price Bureau announced the first batch of basic medical supplies in Yunnan Province in 2011, the centralized purchase of retail prices, the province's county and above non-profit medical institutions sales of drug sales will be uniform According to the standard, the retail price of essential drugs for government-run basic-level medical institutions that implements the basic drug system shall be based on the minimum price or the actual purchase price of pharmaceuticals as the basis for the cancellation of drug additions. The purchase price of new provisions shall be implemented starting from June 1.

The basic drug purchase price announced this time includes the drug distribution costs. Among them, government-administered basic medicines for the implementation of the basic drug system cancels drug retail prices for basic medicines, applies zero sales, and must implement published procurement prices; government-run grass-roots medical institutions and counties that have not yet implemented basic drug system areas Governments at or above the county level or above shall run medical institutions to implement retail prices of hospitals.

The actual sales price of medical and health institutions can reduce the price within the announced retail price to benefit patients. The rate of drug purchases and sales sold by non-profit medical institutions at or above the county level in the province will be unified: based on the bid price or the actual purchase price of the smallest retail package unit, the bid price or purchase price will be less than 10 yuan (including 10 yuan). 15% for Shun plus 15%; 10% for Shun plus 10% to 100 yuan (including 100 yuan); 5% plus 5% for 100 yuan to 300 yuan (including 300 yuan); 3% plus 3% for over 300 yuan but each The maximum amount of drug charges for each packaging unit cannot exceed 30 yuan.

Among the 423 drugs, most of them are commonly used drugs, such as Sanjiuweitai granules 2.5g/bag × 10, the purchase price is 14.78 yuan, the hospital retail price is 16.3 yuan; gynecological Qianjin tablets 144, the purchase price is 24.62 yuan The retail price of the hospital was 27.1 yuan; the Yunnan Baiyao aerosol purchase price was 30 yuan, and the hospital retail price was 33 yuan.

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