Buy a Used Farm Machine Beware of Being Defrauded

In today's society, it seems that it has become a sham. Almost anything has the possibility of falsification. The agricultural machinery market is certainly no exception. There are a few people who are profit-making purposes. Some will take the "disease car", "discarded vehicle scrap machine", unlicensed vehicle without license, repack, change their face and make a sale, gain profit, and make purchases. The person suffers loss. When buying agricultural machines, be cautious and cautious, so as not to be deceived.

In order to prevent fraud in the purchase of used and used farm machinery, the following issues should be noted in the purchase and sale transactions:

One must carefully check the history of agricultural machinery

Mainly to view the purchase of the original invoice or copy, tractors, harvesters and other agricultural machinery, but also to the local county agricultural supervision department to consult.

Second, we must check whether the certificates of agricultural machinery are effective and complete.

It mainly refers to tractors, harvesters and other agricultural machinery licenses and driving licenses, and checks whether the number plate, engine number, frame number, and delivery time are in agreement. Check whether you have participated in the annual inspection and whether you have imposed third-party liability insurance.

Third, we must check whether the technical condition of the agricultural machinery is good

Mainly the power and reliability of agricultural machinery. Testers are available wherever possible, and unconditional technicians with practical experience may be invited to perform the test. And agreed to buy and sell prices. Write a sales agreement.

Fourth, to apply for transfer procedures

If the buyers and sellers have no opinion, the tractors, harvesters and other agricultural machinery, with the driving permit, insurance policy, purchase and sales agreement, the buyers and sellers must also go to the local county agricultural supervision department for transfer procedures.

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