Safe killing of chickens before they enter chickens

First, the chicken house routine disinfection procedures. Sprinkle water, dustproof → remove chicken manure → move out movable equipment → clean chicken house → Wash high-pressure water gun from high to low → dry naturally (semi-dry semi-wet) → spray disinfectant to roof wall and ground → dry → move into disinfected Appliances → Formaldehyde fumigation house → Sealed for 2 days → Ventilated empty house for 7 days → Into the chicken (If in emergency use, it can be fumigated for 24 hours and used after 24 hours of ventilation).

Second, adhere to regular, routine, preventive disinfection, at least 2 times a week.

Third, grasp the timing of disinfection. Before and after full advancement, before and after the onset of illness, etc. must be thoroughly disinfected as required.

Fourth, the use of disinfectant drugs, in order to avoid a single role and produce resistance.

Fifth, according to different requirements with chicken or empty house, sterilization or anti-virus, a reasonable choice of disinfectant drugs. Alcohols, surfactants, and toxins can only kill bacteria, while chlorine agents, alkalis, and oxidants can kill viruses.

Six, drinking water disinfection commonly used quaternary ammonium salt and iodine preparations, 2 days before and after immunization, 1 day before and after administration, not drinking water disinfection.

7. When the spray belt is sterilized, the mist size is controlled at 80-120 microns. The humidity of the house is controlled at 70% to 80%.

Eight, chicken henhouse can be fumigation with formaldehyde, indoor temperature control at 20 °C.

Nine, the poultry house should be cleaned in time, and then use a disinfectant for disinfection.

Ten, can not ignore the surrounding external environment disinfection, cut off the route of transmission, to ensure the disinfection effect.

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