Pleurotus ostreatus cultivation method of off-season management techniques

Pleurotus ostreatus during the peak season, the price fluctuations, economic instability. In order to properly avoid the price drop caused by the mushrooming peak, we can choose to inoculate in the spring and late winter, and collect 1~2 tidal mushroom in the late spring and early summer to conduct the over-summer management to make it under dry, oxygen and temperature stable conditions. , Reducing respiratory intensity, maintaining strong viability, preserving nutrients, and managing mushrooms in early autumn, so that they can enter the market in advance and achieve better economic benefits. There are several ways in which Pleurotus ostreatus manages over the summer:
1. Air-dried method will be out of the mushroom bag of 1 to 2 Chaogu mushroom roots, dead mushrooms, old fungus (unopened bags do not have to open the bag mouth), dried, placed in a cool ventilated place. If you put it on the outside to cover it to prevent rain, moisture and mildew. After the temperature dropped at the end of August, the bacteria bag was soaked in the water tank to make it absorb water, and then mushroom management was performed.
2. Ditch storage method Select a place with a high topography and convenient drainage, dig a storage trench 50 cm wide and 60 to 70 cm deep, tap the wall, and lime (disinfect and sterilize), and then remove the contaminating bacteria. Put the bag into the ditch, usually put 3 to 4 layers. The ditch is about 50 centimeters thick, 15 centimeters above the ground and arched to facilitate drainage. During the over-summer period of management, in the event of prolonged drought, the surface of the ditch should be properly watered and moisturized. After the autumn, the bag of bacteria is dug and soaked in the immersed pool for about 24 hours. According to the conventional management of mushrooming, the mushroom can be cultivated in 10 days.
3. The method of covering the soil with earth-covered mushrooms, when the temperature rises uncomfortably with mushrooms, the water spray is stopped, the bed surface is cleaned, the material surface is dried slightly, the moisture content is reduced to about 45%, and then covered with a film, and then covered. ~10cm thick clean soil, a little tight; soil and then covered with straw shade to prevent high temperatures; around to open a drainage ditch to prevent rain leaching into the material; in case of long drought, you need to spray water on the surface of the soil Moisturizing. After the high temperature is over, cover the soil and film, and then apply a heavy water to the bed, soak the culture material, and then follow the conventional management.

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