Rice wine industry should seek new development in the change

On the afternoon of the 10th, the reporter interviewed Pan Jianfang, general manager of Zhejiang Licheng Wine Co., Ltd. When talking about the status of the rice wine industry, he expressed his worries and expectations.

He mentioned that in the past decade or so, prices have risen at least four times, and the price of rice wine has not run through prices; in terms of channels, there has been no major change in rice wine; the concept of rice wine is still blurred; this is all The backward performance of rice wine.

He believes that at present the entire yellow wine industry and brand support needs a lot of things to enrich. If rice wine really wants to rise, there are many places that need to be changed. First, the style is diversified and differentiated. Second, the quality of the wine itself is improved and guaranteed. Third, the emphasis on winemaking projects. Fourth: Yellow wine The overall price of the product rises; Fifth: Strengthen consumers' experience and understanding of rice wine.

Therefore, rice wine enterprises should gradually attach importance to the development process, and continue to ponder and change in it, abandon the impetuous, blind, blindly pursue the results of the mentality in order to truly usher in a new world of rice wine development.

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