Potted cycad conservation points

Cycad is a fleshy root system that is very warm and grows slowly. Potted plants should use sandy loam rich in humus. The drainage holes in the pelvic floor should be large. Organic fertilizers should be applied regularly. The best hydraulic fertilizer for cakes should be applied once a week to make the leaves green and shiny. Watering in summer to keep the soil moist, sooner or later, the leaves must be sprayed. If the water contains alkali, 500 times of ferrous sulfate should be poured once a half month. After the fall, the temperature drops, it is not appropriate to water more, and the basin soil is kept relatively dry. Winter moves into a low-temperature greenhouse or an indoor winter, and is moved outside in April of the following year. The cycad is most vulnerable to scale insects, often associated with coal pollution, should enhance ventilation and light transmission. In the high temperature and rainy weather, the cycad leaves appear yellow-brown spots--spot disease, and can be sprayed with 50% thiophanate powder 800 times solution or 50% carbendazim powder 800 times solution. Some potted cycad leaves turn yellow and white, the new leaves can not be withdrawn or even shoots retracted for a long time, mostly caused by rot, and the cause of rot is often due to excessive fertilization, excessive watering, and excessive soil consolidation. In order to regenerate the roots, root the roots in turn and cut out the rot roots. Then dip the roots with 500% solution of the 15% chlorothalonil solution and replant the new soil.

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