Aosheng Lazy Cotton High-yield Cultivation Techniques

First, seed storage and drying seeds: Seeds are strictly prohibited mixed with pesticides and fertilizers. 5 days before sowing, dry the seeds for 2 to 3 days in sunny weather. Do not expose to the cement floor or the road.
Second, the rational mix of base fertilizer: general fertility Mushi high-quality farm organic fertilizer 3 to 5 square, inorganic fertilizer nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium ratio of 3:1:3 or 3:1:4.5. Basic requirements Mushi quality urea 30 kg, 10 kg of diammonium phosphate, potassium sulfate 30 ~ 45 kg, in addition to use 2 kg of high-quality boron fertilizer, zinc sulfate 1 kg, 1 kg of copper sulfate, after mixing into the base fertilizer .
Third, soil preparation and soil disinfection: cotton fields to deep plowing, planting enough to plant a full seedlings. When heavy-seeing and old cotton fields are used for watering, per acre more than 99% of high-quality potassium permanganate particles are used to disinfect the soil.
Fourth, appropriate sowing: appropriate late sowing, generally in April 20 ~ May 1 is appropriate. Deep sowing 2~3cm. Note that Ao Shenmian No.1 must be sowed about 10 days later than Olympic God Cotton No.2, and Ao Shenmian No.1 is the best sowing date for May 5, and the latest sowing can be broadcast until May 20.
V. Reasonable and sparsely planted: Olympian Lazy Cotton is completely free of pruning species, and it is strong in madness. Attention should be paid to avoiding madness. The amount per mu should be reduced by 30% to 50%. Generally speaking, there are 2300~3000 Ao Shenmiao Miao Miao, 1800~2300 Ao Shenmian No.2 to No.6, high-water fertility, 1,800 Ao Shenmian No.1, and 1600 Ao Shenmian No.2 to No.6. . The best effect of single row ridge planting, that is, plant spacing of 0.3 ~ 0.45 meters 1 ~ 1.2 meters. Double row planting: small row spacing 0.5~0.6 meters, large row spacing 1.2~1.3 meters, 0.4 meters spacing.
Sixth, timely removal of film and watering: the end of May early June, it is timely to peel off the cultivator in the cultivating soil (note that verticillium wilt re-release cotton fields do not remove the film). In general, it takes 10 to 15 days for drought to water once.
VII. Reasonable control: mainly divided into four stages: First, when the cotton plant grows to 8 to 9 leaves, it will be controlled during the budding period. The medication should be light, and 0.5 grams of dilute amine can be used per mu; the second is the early flowering period. Mu with 1 g of dilute amines; third is the flowering period of cotton plants, which is the critical period of chemical control, according to the growth rate of 1.5 to 3 grams per acre with polydamine; four is about a week after the top work, to be added The amount of large contract amines, mu with 3 to 5 grams.
Eight, timely top anti-mad chief: Olympian goddess of lazy cotton to the time of July 15 to 25 is appropriate, may grow early to fight, the weak will be able to play late, one-time to destroy the main stem and leaf tip, After the top of the main stem is knocked out, it is better to grow 1~2 fruit branches.
Nine, pest control and rational use of drugs: Most growers belong to the old cotton area, soil diseases are serious, it is recommended to control the seedling pests and veterinary use of carbendazim, ethyl allicin, trichloroisocyanuric acid and other mixed foliar spray. The effect is good. For the cotton bollworm, blind cinerea, etc., it is appropriate to use 50% phoxim or (20% methomyl, 75% flame) + cypermethrin or monthrin + 20% Sai Dan triple control. The control of aphids and whiteflies can be sprayed with a mixture of 40% Locuspen and 4.5% cypermethrin 800 times. For the control of scorpion damage, it can be sprayed with 2% avermectin + 1000-fold mixture of alizarin.
10, Qiao spray foliar fertilizer: foliar spray fertilizer is the most economical and effective way of fertilization. It is recommended to use three kinds of formulas alternately: E-directin + Potassium Potassium for seedling stage, Medium-term use Potassium + Potassium Potassium, Powerful Boron + E-prime alternately, and later use 1.5%~2% urea + potent Potassium.
XI. Cultivating weeds and soils: Cotton should be cultivated once in a rain, or after the water is poured, it should be cultivated and weeded in time to prevent the wind from lodging.

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