Jinbao fermentation bed daily management

Jinbao fermentation bed daily management:
1. Adjust the water content of the litter of the moisture core fermentation layer (refer to the water beforehand, after the pig has pulled and pull the urine) is generally controlled at about 50-60% (The judgment basis refers to the instructions, ie, grasping a hand tightly There is a wet-seal, but it cannot be driped. This is determined by the physiological requirements of functional microbial fermentation and propagation. Within this range of moisture content, microbial reproduction is the fastest. But the surface layer of about 10 feet is different, this layer of about 10 feet is generally not fermented or fermentation intensity is very low, the surface water content is generally lower than the inner layer, is about 30-40% (on the hand It is dry and not wet, and the minimum water content is not affected by the dust or dust that will affect the breathing rate of the pig. Generally, a small amount of water can be sprayed on the sawdust bedding. The maximum moisture content is not noticeably wet. It does not affect the air permeability of the mattress and does not allow the pig to feel cold and damp. Beds made of dry sawdust are generally not too damp.
2, adding active ingredients such as brown sugar water and urea water and other active ingredients generally do not need to add, in the winter cold weather fermentation is not easy to start when you can add some active ingredients to facilitate the smooth start of fermentation. It can also be added appropriately to increase the fermentation intensity when the fermentation intensity is reduced at ordinary times.
3, the environment clean with Jinbao fermentation auxiliaries production of fermentation beds can not clear feces for many years. The litter will be continuously decomposed, degraded and carbonized to become less and thinner as a result of fermentation. For example, the user needs to ferment the good bedding as fertilizer or as feed (which can be used to feed lower animals, and the fermented material using straw as litter can also be used Cattle and sheep) can be cleaned or shipped out regularly or irregularly, but care should be taken to supplement the litter and fermentation auxiliaries in a timely manner so as to maintain the continuous and stable operation of the fermentation bed. Therefore, whether or not the excrement is not clear can be determined by the farmer according to needs, and the usefulness is clear. If it is not used, it can be unclear for a long time.
4. Daily management of sow The goldfish fermentation bed is common to fattening pigs, sows, breeders, etc., but care should be taken during specific operations. During the week of sow giving birth, umbilical cord wounds of piglets and piglets should be avoided. Wounds stained with sawdust or other debris cause inflammation of the wound and appropriate measures should be taken. It is also possible to temporarily transfer or change the ring for a few days. The wound will heal before returning. During pregnancy, due to belly bulging, weight gain, belly contact with the sawdust layer close, it should be noted that fresh sawdust is best exposed to a few days of disinfection, to prevent fresh sawdust from certain trees make pregnant sows skin allergies. In general, allergies rarely occur. In the event that some erythema or red spots appear on the skin, it usually takes three to five days. You do not need to use medications to go to the website or ask for advice.

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