Mianyang: Measures for controlling wheat head blight

According to the plant protection station of the Agricultural Bureau of Mianyang City, according to the meteorological department's forecast, due to the combined effect of northern cold air and high-altitude troughs, there will be a significant cooling and precipitation weather process in the province. The plant protection station specifically issued the control of wheat scab on the city. Alert.

It is reported that wheat scab is a typical climate-type disease. In this apparent cooling and precipitation process, the weather in the Sichuan Basin, which is mainly cloudy and rainy, will continue for about 5 days, which is beneficial to the invasion and germination of the ascospores of Fusarium head blight. The alert requires that the wheat area at the heading and flowering stage should do a good job in the prevention of head blight and ensure the safe production of wheat. The specific prevention and control method is to catch the sun in the flowering stage of wheat. 70% thiophanate-methyl WP per acre 100 grams, water 60 kg constant spray or 50% benzimidazole wettable powder 100 grams per acre, watered 60 kg constant spray.

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