Sweet potato breeding "six changes" more efficient production and seedlings

Shanting District, Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province, based on summarizing the cultivation of sweet potatoes for local farmers, explored and demonstrated new techniques for the “six changes” of sweet potato breeding. Compared with conventional seedling raising, this technology can increase seedling production by 21.3% and economic benefit by 23.6%. The technology is introduced as follows:

First, to change the width of a deep bed is to narrow the narrow bed to a narrow shallow bed not only to facilitate the operation, reduce labor intensity, but also improve the sweet potato seedlings light conditions, which will help the growth of potato seedlings. Specific specifications: 畦 width of 1.3 to 1.5 meters, pods deep seeding after planting 6-8 cm from the ground is appropriate.

Second, change the oblique pendulum to thin rows arranged in the past Sweet potato seedlings, placing seed potatoes, mostly head and tail, oblique thin row in the seedbed. Using this pendulum method, the seedlings in the lower part of the seedlings are sparsely seedlings. Change to the sideways position, the head and tail are inverted and placed side by side. After the close-fitting, people wear the soft-soled shoes, gently step on the seed potatoes, and after pouring enough water, cover 1 cm thick nutrient soil to make the seedlings emerge. Uniform.

Third, change the small arch shed to the column arch shed instead of the column arch shed can make the seedlings more visible light, to prevent the seedlings touch the film, resulting in burning wounded leaves. Method: The amorpha used as a scaffold was baked with fire at a distance of centimeters from the end of the book and bent to 150 degrees. When the scaffold was framed, the end was buried in the soil 10 centimeters and the two amorpha were tied together. Arched, curved about 25 cm from the ground.

Fourth, change the ventilation of the film to remove the film from the film to cover the end of picking up the film, this period requires that the film does not leave the bed, and according to the temperature level, early through only two wind, later re-pass side wind, this can prevent the temperature Steeply rises and falls steeply to maintain a good microclimate condition on the seedbed and promote seedling growth.

V. Changing the top-dressing fertilizer to spray 9200 at the same time will greatly shorten the period for picking seedlings and increase the seedling yield and economic efficiency. Generally, in the case of low temperature and slow growth of sweet potato seedlings, every 10 meters of the seedbed can be sprayed uniformly with 1 gram of 90% water.

Sixth, changing the post-emergence topdressing and watering is to collect the seedlings the next day after the top-dressing and watering. In the past, the first day evening was used to pick the seedlings, and the second husband used the top dressing method to water the seedlings. Without the high temperature at noon, the wounds of the seedlings healed poorly. Instead, use the top-dressing watering method the next day, that is, picking the seedlings on the first day of the evening and the top dressing on the third day. After one night and two nights, the wounds of the seedlings will heal well and will be conducive to the growth of the shoots.

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