Add six shed cucumber female flowers four strokes

The differentiation of flower buds of cucumber is early, and the differentiation of flower buds is basically completed at the seedling stage, but it has plasticity and can artificially create suitable conditions to induce flower bud differentiation of female flowers. The main measures are as follows:

First, seed selection The high-quality cucumber seeds can be stored for 1 year after being stored under good storage conditions, and the proportion of female flowers can be increased.

Second, topping in the cucumber vines when there are 25 leaves topping; side vines vine varieties, when the end of 1 to 2 melons when the side of vines to be picked up, you can increase the proportion of female flowers.

Third, optimizing the fertilization in the cultivation of cucumber in the neutral soil, a high proportion of female flowers, can be increased by applying organic fertilizer and soil acidity method to promote cucumber more female flowers. 100 ml of Huimanfeng active liquid fertilizer per acre is used to spray 50 kg of water, which not only activates the soil, but also helps cucumbers grow more female flowers. It uses 100 grams of chemical fertilizer per acre to spray 50 kg of water, which can stimulate cucumbers to multiply female flowers. ; Use 200 grams of photosynthesis fertilizer per acre 25 to 50 kg of water spray, can inhibit light breathing, reduce the intensity of photorespiration, and promote the growth of cucumber female flowers.

Fourth, the low temperature treatment of cucumber cotyledons 10 to 30 days after the start, low temperature treatment, and maintain a large temperature difference between day and night, the night temperature is maintained at 14 °C ~ 15 °C, the daytime temperature is maintained at 25 °C ~ 28 °C, and by covering the grasshopper The number of hours of sunshine is controlled at 8 hours. At the same time, adding phosphorus fertilizer in the nutritious soil of nursery can promote the differentiation of flower buds of female flowers.

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