Don’t treat McDonald’s oats

In recent years, many farmers, including some agricultural technicians, believe that more and more “wild oats” are in wheat fields. In addition, many agricultural sales departments recommend the use of field wheat herbicides such as wild wheat aphid for such “wild oats”. Prevention and control not only have no effect but have become more and more serious. Why is this?

After several years of searching for information and conducting experiments, the author found that farmers' friends and some agricultural technicians have made common mistakes, that is, they use the maltose as wild oats and use herbicides that prevent wild oats to control the festival. Actually, wild oats and aegilops are different. The wild oats look like scorpions. The upper half of the stalks is full of one section and each section is about 1 centimeter long. Under normal circumstances, the spiked wheat grows earlier and matures earlier than the wheat. If it is too mature, it will fall automatically one by one. Herbicides for control of Aegilops tauschii can be selected from Kuanshima 3.6% water dispersible granules. The amount of 20 grams per acre, 30 kilograms of water, the application time for the 3 to 6 leaf wheat period, grass weeds 2 to 5 leaf stage.

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