Chongqing Institute of Technology successfully developed an anesthesia safety intelligent monitor

Release date: 2008-04-21

Chongqing Institute of Technology successfully developed an anesthesia safety intelligent monitor from the Chongqing Municipal Bureau of Information Industry. An anesthesia safety intelligent monitor for improving the safety of clinical anesthesia monitoring was successfully developed at Chongqing Institute of Technology. This achievement is expected to improve surgery. The degree of safety in the use of anesthesia during surgery.
Anesthesia is a necessary condition and premise in many surgical operations. In general anesthesia, the patient's awareness rate during surgery is 1% to 2%. The insufficient anesthesia will cause the patient to be psychologically unpleasant and cause fear of surgery. There is distrust and rebelliousness to the doctor, but overdose is more dangerous. Therefore, the surgical anesthesia operation not only makes the patient's consciousness in the process of complete disappearance during the operation, but also prevents the overdose of the anesthesia, reduces the medical expenses and reduces the complications.
Professor Zhou Qi from the College of Bioengineering of Chongqing Institute of Technology led the research team to comprehensively analyze the anesthesia-related parameter signals (auditory evoked potential AAI index, EEG BIS index, heart rate variability index) based on the basic parameters of anesthesia, sedation and muscle relaxation. , brain blood oxygen state index, etc.), build an intelligent anesthesia safety index model, and develop new sensors for signal acquisition and amplification, and develop an anesthesia safety intelligent monitor. The anesthesia safety intelligent monitor can provide monitoring functions of various physiological parameters such as anesthesia depth, five-lead ECG, respiration, non-invasive blood pressure, oxygen saturation, body temperature, etc. according to different applications, and also has arrhythmia analysis, ST Segment analysis, data and waveform storage and printing, network monitoring and other functions.
This achievement has already developed a prototype and obtained a medical device registration certificate. After industrialization, it is expected to be used in clinical monitoring and treatment applications such as operating rooms, ICUs, and CCU wards.
——Shanghai Medical Device Industry Association

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