High-yield and High-efficiency Standardized Cultivation Technique of Celery

Celery plant type is compact and thick, petiole is wide and hypertrophic, fiber is less, texture is crisp and tender. Although the cultivation of celery is relatively simple, but in the actual production, many farmers because of the technical operation is not standardized, so that the varieties of celery characteristics can not be fully reflected, can not achieve the expected high yield and efficiency purposes. This article has standardized the cultivation techniques of celery.
First, the selection of celery during the cultivation season can be produced all year round, but most of the cultivation in the north is mainly autumn and winter. Because this mouthwash not only satisfies the environmental conditions for the optimum growth and development of celery, it is easy to obtain high yields, and it is easy to obtain high profitability at the time of the market supply period from the New Year to Spring Festival.
Second, the selection of varieties should choose high-yield, cold-resistant, disease-resistant varieties, such as Ventura, tender crisp, the United States PS285, FS, Celery 3 and so on.
Third, nursery
1. Seedbed preparation: Choose a land that is convenient for irrigation and drainage. The seedbed is made into a 1-1.2m wide flat rake. The ratio of seedbed area to production area is 1:15. Before mashing up, apply 5kg/m2 of composted organic fertilizer and 50g/m2 of potassium dihydrogen phosphate on the seedbed. After mixing and mashing, turn it on.
2. Seed soaking and germination: After soaking for 10 minutes with 0.1% potassium permanganate solution from late June to early July, the seeds were thoroughly rinsed to remove the agent on the seed surface. Then soak the seeds in cold water at 15 degrees Celsius and 20 degrees Celsius for 24 hours, wash them clean, put them into a cloth bag after water control, place them in a cool place at 15 degrees Celsius and 18 degrees Celsius, turn the seeds 1-2 times a day and keep them moist. , 5-7 days can sprout. The bag can also be hung in the well about 50cm from the surface of the water for germination. In addition, 500-800 mg/L gibberellin soaked for 8-12 hours before germination, can shorten the germination time, increase germination potential and germination rate.
3. Sowing: The seeding rate is about 50g per mu. Before sowing, the seedbed should be poured with enough water to spread the leveling bed before the water is completely infiltrated. Then, the sprouted seeds should be mixed with 5 times the amount of the fine sand and evenly spread on the surface of the bed before the seeds. Cover with 0.5-1cm thick fine soil, cover the film, in order to moisturize. After sowing until emergence, treatment of the seedbed with 25% herbicidal ether spray can effectively control seedling weeds. After planting, shade and cooling measures should be taken. A small shed can be placed on the seedbed, covered with a sunshade net and rain-proof plastic film to keep it ventilated.
4. Seedling management: timely remove the film after emergence, and gradually reduce the shade, and gradually increase the light intensity and light time of the seedbed. After Qi Miao, it is necessary to pay attention to losing the weak seedlings, diseased seedlings, xenogenic seedlings, and over seedlings, so that the seedling spacing is 4-5 cm. Always sprinkle some water on the seedbed to keep it moist. In combination with watering, urea can be applied 1-2 times at the seedling stage. The locusts were found to be controlled in time.
Fourth, colonization
1. Fertilizer to do wolfberry: Applying enough base fertilizer is the basis of high yield and high yield. To Mushi maturity of high-quality organic fertilizer 5000kg, phosphate fertilizer 100kg, ammonium bicarbonate 30kg, deep-turn 30-40cm, cultivating uniform, according to 1.3m wide made of flat rake.
2. Density of planting: The size and density of celery plant type are directly related. When the density is small, the plant type is large; when the density is large, the plant type is small. General requirements of single plant up to about lkg, can be planted at a density of 25-30cm25-30cm planting, acres planted 7500-10000 strains.
3. Planting and planting: In late August to late September, Miaozi had 3-4 true leaves when planting. Cut off the long main root when raising the seedlings to facilitate the germination of lateral roots. When planting, they can be watered first, or they can be watered and then transplanted. The depth of colonization is shallow and rootless, and depth is not buried in the heart. Planting time should be in the afternoon.
V. Management after planting
1. Top-dressing with watering: 1 to 2 days after pouring the planting water, pour water once again. Retarding the soil surface with 25% herbicide ether or 50% paracetamol prevents weeds during growth. When the heart leaves turn green, watering should be controlled, and cultivators should be used to protect the roots and prevent leggy. When the seedling height is about 15cm with 6-7 leaves, the topdressing watering is started. General mu application of urea 10-15kg, Shunshui flush facilities. Then pour water every 3-5 days. 15-20 days after the first topdressing, catch the second fat again. After the weather turns cold, it is necessary to reduce the air volume and the number of watering. In addition, 0.2%-0.3% boron fertilizer was used for foliar spray to prevent cracking of petioles.
2. Temperature management: Insulation of the shed before frost. However, the initial temperature is high and care should be taken to release the air. Afterwards, as the temperature drops, the air is gradually reduced to keep the air temperature at 18 degrees Celsius-20 degrees Celsius during the day, exceed 25 degrees Celsius, and release air at 5 degrees Celsius and 10 degrees Celsius at night. Afterwards, as the temperature drops further, it will be covered with grasshopper insulation at night.
6. Pest and disease control diseases mainly include spot blight (leaf blight), soft rot, and damping-off at seedling stage. Spot blotch can be used 64% antivirus WP 500 times or 75% chlorothalonil wettable powder 600 times, every 7-10 days spray 1, even spray 2-3 times. Can also be used 45% chlorothalonil smoke agent shed, the amount of 200-250g per acre. Soft rot can be sprayed with 150-200mg/L agricultural streptomycin. In the seedling stage, damping-off disease can be sprayed on the seedbed by the green hen 1 1000-fold solution. Insect pests are mainly aphids, and can be sprayed once every 3-5 days with 1.8% aifutin EC 3000 or 50% Ruijinte suspension agent, and sprayed 2-3 times.
VII. Harvesting Standard sheds can reach harvesting standards after 2 months, and can be harvested from the New Year's Day to the Spring Festival. It is best to use a gibberellin concentration of 50 mg/L to spray foliage on sunny days in the month before harvest, which can significantly accelerate plant growth and increase yield. In addition, the softening and cultivation of about 40cm in the soil before 15-20 days before harvest can improve the quality and extend the harvest and marketing period.

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