Winter cold damage prevention measures for wheat

The remediation of freezing injury during wintering. Winter wheat suffers freezing injury. If it is suitable for the winter season, it can be used as a fertilizer when the weather is warm during the winter. After returning green, the control of the water fertilizer should be changed as the fertilizer and water spurt so as to make up for the loss of winter freezing. If a wheat field that has been jointed before the winter is subjected to freezing damage during the wintering period, the cracks should be taken from 12 noon to 2 p.m. on sunny days to crush the jointed main stem and tiller to promote the growth of small tiller, combined with top dressing for cultivating Wheat grows safely and securely.

Freezing damage in early spring. After the occurrence of cold injury in early spring, even if the cold injury is heavy, if the management is strengthened, it can still promote the rooting and development of wheat and quickly restore growth. Therefore, the wheat fields that suffer from frost damage in early spring are generally not to be destroyed and must be remedied as soon as possible. The remedial measures for cold injury in early spring are:

The first is timely fertilizer. In early spring, severely frost-damaged wheat fields are generally prosperous wheat fields. Once frost damage occurs, Wang Miao should be used as a weak seedling to immediately apply fertilizer. Under normal circumstances, topdressing urea 7.5 to 10 kg per acre, timely watering after dressing.

The second is spraying chemical regulators. After the occurrence of frost damage, wheat plants sprayed with 200g of potassium dihydrogen phosphate per acre has a good effect on promoting the recovery of wheat.

The third is the timely prevention of pests and diseases. In wheat fields with severe freezing injury, the rate of new-fruiting tillers is increased, the tissues are tender, and diseases and insect pests are easy to occur. Therefore, it is necessary to combine spraying of auxin and spraying of pesticides to prevent the occurrence of pests and diseases. Fourth, after turning green, for the wheat fields that have already been jointed, the main stem and the Oita were frozen, but they should not be repressed. This is because after the freezing point of the main stem and the growth point of Oita, the growth center has shifted to the small tiller that still survives and will not continue to grow. If repression is adopted, it will adversely affect the growth of small deliveries and should be promoted.

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