Qinghai Exploring the Development of Plateau Cold Water Fish Culture

This year, Qinghai Huzhu Tu Autonomous County actively expanded the development of a new approach to cold-water fish farming in the plateau and successfully filled the gap in the cold-water fish farming industry. During the year, a new 5 mu cold water fish pond breeding demonstration site was set up in Aji Temple, Taizi Township, and 30,000 fingerlings of rainbow trout fish were released. A new cold water fish breeding demonstration and tourism base of 100 mu was established in Shuangshu Village, Tangchuan Town. At the same time, 50,000 high white carp seedlings were introduced and put into the Dongzha Township Zhazha Reservoir, and contracted operations were implemented. The construction of demonstration sites through cold-water fish breeding will drive the development of cold-water fish farming in the county.

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