Pharmaceutical industry enters the golden period of medical equipment needs into the boom

Business News Agency January 2 In the face of a surge in pharmaceutical stocks, investors are often worried that the pharmaceutical industry has experienced rapid growth for several years. Will there be any good growth prospects in the future? In this regard, Li Wenjian, fund manager of the E Fund Healthcare Healthcare Fund, said that in the next 20 years, there will be three major factors including policy support in the "new healthcare reform" and "12th Five-Year Plan", upgrading of medical consumption, and an aging population structure. Driven by continuous efforts, the Chinese pharmaceutical industry will enter a golden period of rapid development. Currently, in the context of inflation, the valuation of pharmaceutical stocks will not be too low, and a relatively premium price is acceptable.

Specifically, after the launch of the “new medical reform,” the state expects to invest a total of 850 billion yuan in 2009 and 2011, including gradually increasing the level of medical insurance and strengthening the investment in medical facilities, which will positively affect the upstream and downstream health care industry chain. influences. At the same time, the people’s attitude toward health has become more active. Since 2000, the per capita health care expenditures of Chinese urban residents have been steadily increasing. From 2002 to 2009, the compound annual growth rate of this indicator has been above 11%. In addition, aging will bring continuing demand for the healthcare industry. According to the National Family Planning Commission, by the 20th century, the population aged over 65 will reach 242 million, accounting for 6.96% of the total population in 2000. To nearly 12%. Therefore, these three factors will form a joint force in the coming years and a phase of rapid growth may occur.

Specific to the development of the pharmaceutical industry next year, Li Wenjian analyzed that the biggest opportunities for the current pharmaceutical industry are the stimulation of market demand by medical insurance policies, the growth of government investment year by year, and the opening up of social capital to the medical industry. Next year, all sub-sectors of medicine are bred with major investment themes: Some essential drug types, especially exclusive varieties, have great market growth potential; prescription drugs will end the wait-and-see situation in 2010, and are expected to show a recovery growth; The technology and management level are gradually in line with international standards, and it is expected to achieve a major breakthrough next year. Under the background of inflation, branded Chinese medicine varieties are expected to further increase in prices; large-scale pharmaceutical distribution companies continue to acquire and merge across the country to become bigger and stronger; Under the background of investment by large county-level medical institutions, the medical device industry will enter a new round of strong demand.

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