The use of food additives in sub-alkali limits will not cause poisoning

The business agency reported on September 14 that the substances that could enter the food additive list had to undergo toxic tests, but among the food additives, there was a toxic substance among them, it was nitrite.

Nitrite commonly known as "nitrate", mainly refers to sodium nitrite and potassium nitrite, is a white opaque crystalline chemical products, shaped like salt. Meat products are also allowed to be used as a limited amount of colorants, and the chance of food poisoning caused by nitrite is high.

In the just-concluded “National Food Safety Standard for Food Additives”, the reporter searched for the name “potassium nitrite and sodium nitrite”.

"For such substances, use and do not need to make trade-offs depending on the situation." He Jiguo said that nitrite toxicity is relatively large. "However, there is no country in the world that prohibits the addition of nitrite to sausages," said Ho Jiguo, who said that it can inhibit Clostridium botulinum. The botulinum toxin produced by the bacteria is very toxic. One of the most toxic toxins known, 4 grams of pure product can kill 500,000 people.

At present, all cases of nitrite poisoning are mistaken for food. In Beijing, there have been cases where workers mistakenly consumed nitrite on the construction site as salt, resulting in poisoning.

He Jiguo said that China's nitrite in meat has set two standards: Chinese meat products are no more than 30 milligrams per kilogram, and Western formula is 70 milligrams per kilogram. “It is also understandable that Chinese ham is often cooked and cooked, but Western style is often made of raw meat, so the bacteria will be more, otherwise it will not be able to control the growth of botulinum.” He emphasized that both standards are safe. .

In pickled pickles, nitrite often remains. Will it endanger health? He Jiguo said that the nitrite in pickles mainly comes from the food itself—nitro fertilizer in fertilizers. “The pickles were small at the beginning of nitrite, but later they were higher and later they would be less.” He Jiguo reminded that the pickles of the big manufacturers have already become less Consumers are safe.

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