Guangzhou stipulates that during the Asian Games, it is necessary to purchase ID cards containing flu medicines.

Recently, many citizens have reported that they have been required to register their ID cards for buying cold medicines at pharmacies. On November 17, Lin Yongsheng, spokesperson and deputy secretary of the Guangzhou Food and Drug Administration, confirmed to the Yangcheng Evening News that if drugs containing a list of stimulants do need to be registered, it is during the Asian Paralympic Games in Guangzhou. Temporary measures were taken to prevent athletes from taking it by mistake.

The reporter saw on the 17th at a chain pharmacy on Dongfeng Dong Road that a sign stating “Stimulant-type drugs, athletes' careful service” was prominently placed on the counter, including the new Contac, Baijiahei, and day and night rituals. Over-the-counter cold medicines and cough medicines are displayed on pharmacies in counters containing “doping drugs”. The clerk told reporters that at the beginning of the month, pharmacies were required to strengthen the management of drugs containing stimulants, and they must also register the purchaser’s identity card and contact information when selling them.

Lin Yongsheng told reporters that on November 4th, Guangzhou City issued the "Notice on Strengthening the Management of Food and Drug Safety during the Asian Games Paralympic Games." According to the notification requirements, pharmacies sell drugs containing substances listed in the doping list. With the prescription sales of a licensed physician or a licensed assistant doctor, the purchaser’s ID number should also be registered. The medicines purchased under the real name system this time are the 1939 kinds of drugs disclosed in the List of Chemicals and Biological Products Containing Substances Listed in the Doping List and the List of Chinese Medicinal Products Containing Substances Listed in the Doping List.

Lin Yongsheng stated that the purpose of real-name provisional measures until December 25th is to regulate the management of prescription drugs and stimulant-containing drugs in order to prevent athletes from mistakenly using or misusing stimulant drugs and affecting the performance of the competition. “To be held by the Asian Paralympics After the closing, there is no need to register the identity card at the time of purchase."

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