Tianjin hybrid rice breeding suddenly rises

Recently, new breakthroughs have been made in hybrid rice breeding and demonstration and promotion in Tianjin. Among them, the hybrid japonica rice varieties 10 You 18 and Zhongyu You 1 have been tested and passed through acceptance; “Jinyuyou 116 Hybrid Rice Variety Demonstration and Promotion” has been successful.

Variety breeding of hybrid japonica rice in Tianjin has sprung up. Currently, it has sowed 1 million mu in Jiangsu, Anhui, Henan, Shandong, and Liaoning provinces, accounting for nearly one-fifth of the country's total area of ​​hybrid japonica rice. This year, Jinheyou 116, a new hybrid rice variety planted for demonstration purposes, will be promoted. The number of acres in the demonstration field will be 214,000, the number of grains per spike will be 150.6, the grain weight will be 26 grams, and 711.9 kilograms per acre will be produced. The hybrid japonica rice variety 10 You 18 has better effects, with a number of 217,000 mu, a grain number of 163 per spike, a grain weight of 27 grams, an actual yield of 811.8 kilograms per mu, and an increase of 50-75 kilograms per mu in comparison with conventional varieties, with an increase of 100- 150 yuan.

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