After a tidal mushroom, how did it not come out?

Because the transformation of mycelium to fruiting body requires a process, most of the mushrooms are characterized by high tide times and batches of mushrooms. If the environment is suitable and the bacteria bag nutrition is guaranteed, the tide will turn fast, and the output of the lower tide mushroom will also be high. If the lower tide mushroom does not come out, it needs to be considered from the following points:

1 Whether the temperature and humidity are suitable: According to the temperature of the planted variety, determine the temperature of the mushroom house. Temperature is too high or too low is not conducive to tide and mushroom. Mushroom interval to maintain the humidity of the mushroom shed at 85%, to prevent the bag from dehydration, if the water content of the bacteria bag is less than 50% to replenish water in a timely manner.

2 whether the nutrition of the matrix is ​​sufficient: if the first mushroom yield is high, the nutrient consumption of the mycelium is too large, it will cause the second tidal mushroom to delay or unable to mushroom.

3 After the seasonal transformation, the variety was not suitable and the mushroom was stopped: Some varieties had a tidal mushroom at the time of the season exchange, but the high temperature or low temperature season that followed it interrupted the growth of the tidal mushroom. For example, when the mushroom of the first tidal mushroom emerged from May to June, it encountered a high temperature during the tidal period, which made it impossible for the tidal mushroom to grow. The mushroom bag consumed nutrients, and after a high temperature in the summer, it lost water, and when the temperature dropped in the fall, the mushroom bag It has no mushrooming ability, so it can't grow under the tide.

4 Whether the damage caused by pests or diseases affects the growth of the next tidal mushroom: Check whether the bacteria bag or bacteria bed is infected with bacteria or serious pests.

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