The Control Measures of Edible Fungi

The bacillary dysentery is the general term for diptera insect larvae that harm edible mushrooms. Its adult people are usually called mushroom fly, mushroom mosquito, and mushroom borer, and each category includes many types. They feed on the mycelium and fruit bodies of various edible fungi with maggots, and spread pathogenic bacteria. When the damage is serious, they directly affect the production of edible fungi.

Control measures: 1. The door and window of the mushroom house should be installed with screen doors to prevent adult insects from flying into spawning. 2. Elimination of rubbish around the mushroom house, lime in the room floor. 3. Use 1% of 847 pesticide (cypermethrin and phoxim combined) to spray mushroom walls, floors and bed frames, or use sulfur (5 g/m3) to smoke more, seal for 48 hours, over 1 - Enter the bag 2 days later. 4. Pharmaceutical control useful 1.8 Aifante 2000-3000 times liquid or spray with 5% fipronil 1500 times.

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