Greenhouse peach tree forced dormancy management technology

I. Mandatory management before hibernation Before the peach tree hibernation, a series of measures must be taken to strengthen the management, and one ring should be buckled and the other ring must be fastened in order to achieve the goal of precocity, high quality and high yield. The management points are: 1. Pruning. Peach trees in the greenhouse generally adopt a trunk-shaped tree structure. This tree structure should adopt the long branch pruning method, and leave more branches and less branches. The principle of pruning is to remove large branches, weak branches, and pests and branches that disturb the tree shape. Overly dense branches, overlapping branches, thinning or flattening the middle and long fruiting branches on the back. The amount of pruning is about 10%. The pruning time in the Eastern Gansu region is generally around October 20th. 2. Foliar fertilization. Pruning is completed, spraying 3% to 5% of the high-concentration urea solution, and adding the spreading agent, penetrant, so that the tree quickly absorb a certain amount of nutrients for the future flower buds expansion, peach lay a good foundation. The spraying time should be after 4pm. 3. Loquat leaves. After spraying the leaves for 3 days, the leaves were gently pecked off and the young leaves that couldn't be removed were gently pounded off. All the fallen leaves and branches are cleared out of the shed and buried or destroyed. 4. Spray. After the end of a leaf, the whole shed sprays 4 to 5 Baume degrees of lime sulfur to eliminate germs, pests and pest eggs on the tree. 5. Apply base fertilizer. Greenhouse peaches grow longer than open peaches, and the amount of fertilization and frequency of fertilization also need to increase and increase. Before going to sleep, Mushi fully decomposes 5000 kg of organic fertilizer, 12 kg of urea, 8 kg of diammonium phosphate and 10 kg of potassium sulfate. Coarse fertilizer, fertilizer spread fertilization, with steel fork deep turn 10 to 15 centimeters, the fertilizer turned into the soil, flat. 6. Watering. Apply fertilizer after irrigating. 7. Cover the film. When the land can reach the feet, black mulch with the width equal to the pitch of the peach tree is covered on the empty back of the peach trees. The role is to prevent grass, protect, reduce the humidity inside the shed.

Second, the specific practice of forced dormancy After the completion of the above work, when the average temperature in late autumn is lower than 10 °C, preferably 7 ~ 8 °C, peaches can be forced to sleep in advance. Specific approach: Before sunrise in the morning (at the coldest time of the day), the greenhouse covers the greenhouse film and covers the straw. In the evening, once every seventy-eight curtains rolled up the curtain, rolled up to the height of the bottom skirt, opened the vents, so that the cold night air into the shed. Before the sunrise the next day, close the ventilation openings and cover the straw curtain so that the low temperature formed at night can be kept as much as possible. It is best to maintain the temperature between 0 and 7°C and circulate back and forth every day. With the declining temperature, when the temperature in the shed is lower than 7°C both day and night, the straw curtains and ventilation openings are no longer uncovered. Most peach species can sleep smoothly after 30 to 40 days.

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