How to plant spinach in winter

Soil fertigation fertilization should be selected soil fertility, good thermal insulation water retention plots. Before ploughing Mushi quality farm fertilizer 5 to 6 square, compound fertilizer 40 kilograms, intensive cultivation, leveling and attainment. Make sure to keep a moderately clear wind barrier when setting up the site.

Timely sowing of overwintering spinach before the stop growing, when the plants reach 5 to 6 leaves, there is a strong cold tolerance. Therefore, when the average temperature dropped to 17°C~19°C on that day, it was the best choice for sowing. The method is: first soak the seeds with warm water of 35°C for 12 hours, remove and broadcast to broadcast or sowing, and then cover the soil and step on water after sowing. Then, the drug mixed gluten was spread on the surface to prevent the earthworms from damaging the seedlings.

Pre-winter management After the spinach is sprouted and unearthed, it is necessary to perform a shallow hoeing for the weed control. When the plant grows 3~4 leaves, keep the soil moist and apply fertilizer as appropriate; when the plant grows 5~6 leaves will stop growing, it is necessary to timely seal the frozen water, and the timing of watering should be controlled by the soil surface. Frozen night. Pouring water is best to use manure, which is conducive to spinach accelerated growth in early spring.

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