Medicinal plant saffron rot

Crocus scientific name Crocus sativus L. Alias ​​saffron. Is an iris family perennial herb. Use its stigma as medicine. With the effect of promoting blood circulation, nourishing blood, resolving phlegm, and calming. It is cultivated in Beijing, Shandong, Zhejiang and Sichuan.

The symptoms are also called blight. When germinating bulbs sprouted, yellow-brown spots of water stains appeared on the buds. When the temperature and humidity were high, they spread rapidly, causing the buds to rot and die. Field cultivation of roots, bulb stem disease caused by yellow brown stained spots, the edges are not neat, after the rot, the bulb shrinkage dry rot.

Pathogen Fusarium oxysporum var. Redolens (Wollenw.) Gordon called the F. oxysporum fragrant variant, belonging to the fungus Aspergillus Suberii. Large conidiophores are sickle-shaped, colorless, with sharp ends, straight or slightly curved, mostly 3 compartments, 17.4-55.83-6 (μm) in size. Small conidia are oval to reniform, and pseudocapsulates are born on sporulated cells, size 6 to 122.5-3.6 (μm). Cyathea spores are spherical, 7-11 Pm in size.

Transmission routes and pathogenic conditions The pathogens infiltrate the wounds as they pass through the winter and winter in the contaminated corm or soil. Soil temperature 25-28 °C easy to disease, less than 20 °C light or no disease.

Prevention and control methods (1) Choose high-dry plots for planting, and drain the gutters immediately after the rain to prevent moisture retention. (2) Before sowing, disinfect the soil with 667m2 of lime and apply 100kg of lime, soak it with 1:1: 150-fold Bordeaux mixture or 50% thiophanate-methyl WP 500 times for 15 minutes, and soak after drying. (3) Spraying 20% ​​Benzophenone EC 800 times or 50% Carbendazim WP 900 times and 36% Thiophanate Suspension 600 times in the initial stage of disease.

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