Pigs must not ignore the importance of water

Water is the most common and basic substance. Like air, it is absolutely indispensable for pig growth and breeding. It is a component of approximately 75% of the pig body and is involved in body temperature regulation, nutrient absorption, transport, metabolism and waste discharge, lubrication of the joint cavity and other organs, and milk secretion process.

In pig production, although all pig farmers are aware of drinking water for pigs, they often overlook the importance of water and do not value the quality and quantity of water. Frequently given unclean or water that does not meet drinking standards; or insufficient water, resulting in digestive, absorption, growth, reproduction, and life of pigs are affected, resulting in frequent occurrence of diseases. In order to save costs, some pig farmers use the pond water or stinking ditch near the dead pigs, dead fish and sewage outlets to wash the pig houses and even use it as drinking water for pigs. Such poor water quality can easily lead to a variety of diseases. The slaughter rate is not high, and farmers eventually pay for it. Some pig farmers or pig farms do not have free drinking water facilities and lack the awareness of the importance of water. To save labor, only feed the pigs with a little water, which results in extremely insufficient water supply to pigs and seriously affects the growth of pigs. .

Practice shows that water shortage is more harmful and harmful to pigs than other nutrients. When the water content in the pig is reduced by 8%, severe thirst sensation appears, digestive ability is reduced, and appetite decreases; when it is reduced by 10%, serious abnormalities such as metabolic disorders and loss of appetite can be caused. When the water content is reduced by 20%, life is dangerous . When the amount of suckling sows is insufficient, sows feed intake decreases, milk production decreases, sows lose weight, sow weaning weight is small, especially the milk concentration will be too high within seven days after delivery, resulting in indigestion of the pig. Diarrhea occurs. Insufficient drinking water of the piglets will cause the pigs to grow slowly and stunted and fail to achieve maximum growth potential. Insufficient drinking water for fattening pigs will reduce digestion and absorption capacity, decrease feed intake, slow growth, and delay slaughter and increase costs.

The amount of pig drinking water is closely related to physiological conditions, production levels, composition of feed or dietary components, and ambient temperature. When the ambient temperature is high, the pig has a fever, stress, salt intake, pregnancy, etc., the amount of drinking water increases, if the drinking water is slightly insufficient, the pig eats food when arched, kicked into the front foot and the fighting behavior, and these behaviors are caused by mining The main reason for the large amount of feed wasted during eating. At this time, if the feed is mixed with drugs and nutrients, the feed, drugs, and nutrients will be wasted, and the amount needed to prevent and treat swine diseases will not be guaranteed. Given that pigs need water in this way, drugs or nutrients can be mixed into Beverages in water, so that they are even and less wasteful, and they can ensure the maximum intake of pigs, which is much better than the input of condimentation methods. The efficacy and the degree of absorption will also be excellent. In the spices. This is especially true when supplementing vitamins. For example, the nano-emulsion-coated liquid multidimensional (Vitaloli) produced by Hengfeng Qiang Company can be used to drink water from pigs. It can be mixed with any proportion of water in 3 seconds and absorbed by pigs. The degree of utilization is more than 90%, and the waste is minimal. Compared to the powdery multidimensional, the vitamins the pig can absorb are more comprehensive, more rapid and less wasteful. It is a multi-dimensional product worthy of promotion in pig production. In addition, in order to facilitate the use of drugs, it also advocates conditional pig farms. In addition to the taps for each sow and nursery lap of the farrowing room, a dedicated water tank for watering the medicine is provided. When the pig is sick or needs medication At the time, it can be administered with water.

Pigs must not ignore the importance of water. Remind farmers to pay attention to the pig's drinking water, must give the pig a sufficient amount of clean water at any time, but also must ensure that the domestic water, feeding and management of water, such as pigs, disinfection of water, cleaning feed, rinse pigs, cleaning appliances Such as the use of water to meet the standard, so as to ensure the health of the pig.

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