How Pleurotus eryngii has good sparse buds

Mushroom farmers in the cultivation process of Pleurotus eryngii, because it is not timely to take the necessary sparse buds of Pleurotus eryngii, which led to the differentiation of the primordium, in the bag on both sides of the growth of many small mushroom buds, at least a few, more than a few Ten. However, due to the limitations of nutrition and space, most of these mushroom buds cannot grow into commodity mushrooms and lose their commodity value. Therefore, after the differentiation of the primordium of Pleurotus eryngii, it is necessary to carry out buds in a timely manner so as to avoid waste of nutrition. The principle of sparse buds is that when the buds are formed, they have good position, mushroom shape, and similar size buds, leaving 3-5 pieces on each side. When the fruiting body grows to about two centimeters, another optimization is performed. Keep 2-3 faces. In this way, it can ensure the growth of Pleurotus eryngii with high commercial value.


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