Pig feed "two not suitable"

Green feeds and concentrates should not be used for single-fed pigs. To achieve rapid fattening, 40% of the concentrate should be used in green materials. Concentrate is the full price for normal pigs, and 10% glutinous rice glutinous rice can be added to the concentrate. When feeding, feed the concentrate first, and then feed the green material four times a day. It is advisable to eat up to 30 minutes each time.

It is not appropriate to add water to pellet feeds for pigs. Many farmers use the pellet feed to feed the pigs. They are still fed with a variety of powders, first adding water to form porridge, and some even using boiling water to boil the material or cook the material. This not only fails to reflect The superiority of pelleted feed will also destroy the nutrients of pelleted feed.

FFP2 Masks For Virus Protection

     Product Dimesnion: 6.18" x 4.13" /15.70cmx10.50cm

     Mask Fabric Material: 5-ply material,100% polypropelyne

     Ear Loop Material: 70% polyamide, 30% elastane

     when to use: suitable for adults to use daily in a variety of settings such as home, outdoors and work

     packaging: 5 pcs of mask in one sealed printed plastic bag to ensure hygiene or 10pcs per box

     certification/standard: EN149:2001+A1:2009 and CE Mark

     about the manufacturer: Kapanou is china-based healthcare company

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