High-yielding and high-quality rapeseed Huai miscellaneous oil No.1

First, the main features
1. High-yield and stable production: In the first year, the average yield per mu was 212.65 kg, which was higher than the control Ningza No. 1 with a significant increase of 5.28%. The second year participated in the regional trial in Jiangsu Province, and the average yield per mu was 208.40 kg, which was 8.72% more than the control Ningza No.1, which was extremely significant. To participate in the production trials in Jiangsu Province, the average yield per mu was 189.60 kilograms, an increase of 10.79% over the No. 1 mud, ranking first. In the 1999-2000 regional trials of the Jiangsu Provincial Agricultural Reclamation Project, the average yield per mu of Huai miscellaneous oil No. 1 was the highest among all the tested varieties, which was significantly higher than that of the control varieties.
2. Good quality: As determined by the testing center of the Ministry of Agriculture, the oil content of No. 1 seed of Huai miscellaneous oil was 40.02-40.98%, the erucic acid content was 0.22-0.24%, and the cake glucosinolate content was 14.09-23.22 μmol/g, both of which reached the national double. Low quality standards.
3. Appropriate ripening period: Generally matured on May 23-24, the whole growth period is about 240 days. The seed purity is high, male sterile abortion is more thorough, and there is no trace pollen produced in the autumn sowing in Jiangsu, and the results are consistent throughout the year. The recovery rate and recovery rate of the male parent are up to 100%.
4. Characteristics: Huai miscellaneous oil No.1 is a three-line hybrid rapeseed, and the half-winter semi-winter hybrid of Brassica oleracea has semi-upright seedlings with dark leaves, short petiole, and 2-3 pairs of cracked leaves. Plant height 165-182 cm, once branching 8-10, secondary branching 8-12, single plant pods 420-480, 17-20 per pod, 1000-grain weight 3.2-3.5 grams.


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