Introduction to explosion-proof safety of laboratory boiling drying equipment

The boiling drying equipment is basically based on the working principle of the fluidized bed, and the basis of the material drying process is the boiling of the powder.

At the same time, under the action of exhaust air, the fine powder in the container is filtered through the trap bag and discharged to the outside. The process of trapping has a large amount of ultrafine powder, whether in fluid boiling or in the trapping operation. The whole process of boiling and drying is accompanied by ultra-fine powder movement.

However, the process of powder movement is often accompanied by two problems of static electricity and dust explosion, which may cause an explosion phenomenon under the guidance of certain factors.

At present, when dealing with such problems in China, it is considered that it is feasible to install an explosion-proof motor. This paper discusses the electrostatic and dust explosion problems of powder boiling, and puts forward its own viewpoints on the explosion-proof safety of boiling drying equipment. The purpose is to make the manufacture and application of such equipment more complete, more reliable and safer.

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