V type mixer installation and use

There are still many things that we need to pay attention to during the installation and use of the V-type mixer. This will help us maintain the V-type mixer and increase its service life.

Step/method installation: Place the machine stably, install the machine feet, level the plate, make the mechanical energy run freely, add the oil to the oiling place before use, then carry out the no-load operation, check whether the fasteners are loose, and whether the electrical is normal. Whether the machine is working properly, if there is an abnormality, carry out renovation and debugging.

Turn the feeding port to the top, open the feeding cover for feeding, the feeding amount should not exceed the specified volume, then close the feeding cover and start the machine to run. If abnormality is found on the way, it must be stopped for inspection.

To replace the variety, the inside and outside of the hopper must be rinsed clean. It is suitable for the mixing of powder or granular materials in chemical, food, pharmaceutical, feed, ceramic, metallurgical and other industries.

Matters needing attention V-type mixer is a combination of unequal height mixing barrel after the barrel is cut into a 40-degree angle, so it has better mixing effect than the general W-type mixer.

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