Prevention of air conditioning disease: drink ginger soup

Sweat can detoxify

The incidence of air-conditioning disease is increasing year by year. The cause of this disease is the large temperature difference between the indoor and outdoor areas. When entering a low-temperature room, the body's capillaries quickly shrink and the pores of sweat are tightly closed. This is a detoxification process of the human body. In the summer, with the help of the external yang, the human body is supposed to excrete all kinds of dampness poisons from the body. However, due to the intervention of air conditioners, this process is disrupted and not only detoxification. Incomplete, it also brings the outside world's cold poison into the body. The body's blood flow is poor, the body's regulatory function is disordered, and the immune system is reduced.

Drink ginger soup

Therefore, in this case, as long as the body is excreted from the cold, physical discomfort will gradually disappear. In the early days, you can drink ginger brown sugar, sweat, and your body has rashes and red pimple. You can drink green bean soup properly. In addition, people in the air-conditioned environment should often drink ginger soup, ginger soup has a sweat solution, warm stomach vomiting effect, can prevent air conditioning disease.

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