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Mixed seed refers to a mixture of seeds of different crop types or a mixture of seeds of different varieties of the same crop or a mixture of seeds of different production methods and different processing methods of the same variety. Mixed seeds are commonly found in crop mixed seeds, pasture mixed seeds, horticultural flower mixed seeds, and mixed seeds for mixed sowing afforestation and grassland vegetation restoration.

The main advantage of mixed seeding of different crop types is that the mixed population has a broader genetic background than the single population, and thus has greater adaptability to external conditions. The different components of the mixed plant have differences in genetic composition, growth habits, requirements for light, fertilizer and water, soil adaptability and resistance to pests and diseases. The mixed population has stronger environmental adaptability and better overall performance. Complementary advantages. In the sowing of landscape plants such as lawns, the components and proportions of mixed sowing are subject to the principle of landscape consistency.

Seed disinfection before seed disinfection can kill pathogens attached to the surface of seeds, which is of great significance for improving the quality of sowing and cultivating disease-free seedlings. When chemical seed disinfection of agricultural seeds is carried out by seed dressing, a dry agricultural powder and a dry seed are mixed and stirred before sowing using a special agricultural seed mixer, so that the surface of each seed is evenly coated with the powder.

Mixing of Seeds and Cultivation Substrate In the germination treatment of some crops, the seeds should be uniformly mixed with the cultivation substrate which is mixed with humus and river sand in a certain ratio.

Double Vacuum Packed Sweet Corn

Nowadays, a kind of sweet corn is more popular in the market, because of its thin and juicy skin, crispy texture and sweet taste, it can be directly eaten raw, like a fruit, and is also called "fruit corn".
Most of the fruit corn is yellow in colour and has a low starch content, a protein and vitamin content 1-2 times higher than normal corn, and a selenium content 8-10 times higher, and is easier for the body to digest and absorb.

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