Litchi high-yielding cultivation techniques

Selecting the land for planting: The high-yield cultivation of litchi shall be based on the choice of open terrain, loose and fertile soil, deep soil layer, and hills or slopes with water sources. It is ideal for the development of plantation gardens. The arbuscular mycorrhiza is a good gas, should loosen the soil, change the soil, and ventilate to promote the development of the root system. Soil fertigation is based on the principle of diligence. The new high fat film is sprayed in a timely manner to shorten the seedling period and adapt to the new environment quickly.

Tree management: Pruning for litter production is critical. The principle of pruning should be light and not heavy. The main cuts are the cross branches, the dense branches, the curved branches, the weak branchlets, and the flower spikes that do not allow the results, so that the nutrients can be effectively used to expand the canopy. Immediately after pruning, wipe the wound and anti-corrosion film. Litchi fruit in the development process of fruit drop serious, in strengthening the management of fertilizer and water and pest control and other comprehensive measures on the basis of spraying strong fruit Tilin can prevent falling, fruit drop, can increase the fruit pedicle to increase the amount of nutrient delivery.

Damage prevention and protection of trees: The main diseases are Litchi chinensis and carbon disease. The main pests are litter locusts, litchi small grey butterflies, turtle back days and so on. Sprayed targeted drugs for killing, while adding a new high-fat membrane enhance the effective utilization of drugs. In order to prevent the winter shoots from being mad at the buds during the flower bud differentiation period, it is necessary to apply the tree maintenance general to protect the trees for safe wintering. (China Plant Protection Network Qiufeng)

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