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Accurately diagnose and accurately use drugs According to epidemiology, clinical diagnosis, pathological diagnosis and laboratory diagnosis, find out the pathogens and select drugs in a targeted manner. The selected drugs should be safe and reliable. Do not abuse drugs without knowing the condition. The correct compatibility of the synergistic use of drugs familiar with the nature of drugs, to master the use of drugs, usage, dosage, indications, adverse reactions, etc., correct compatibility, reasonable prescription, synergistic use of drugs, enhance efficacy, to avoid the antagonistic effect and the role of neutralization. If sulfa drugs and quinolones are used, synergists can increase efficacy, and tiamulin, when combined with salinomycin and monensin, can produce antagonistic effects. Comprehensive treatment of Syndrome Differentiation After comprehensive diagnosis and identification of the cause of the illness, comprehensive treatment measures are promptly taken. On the one hand, effective antibacterial and antiviral drugs are selected for the pathogen; on the other hand, the physiological functions of the body are regulated and restored to relieve or eliminate some of the severe symptoms. Do not frequently change the medicine according to the course of treatment. Under normal circumstances, the first dose doubled, the second can be appropriate to increase the amount, the amount of maintenance when the symptoms reduced, the symptoms disappeared, additional medication 1 day to 2 days to consolidate the curative effect. For drug prevention, 7 days to 10 days for a course of treatment, fed with spices. The correct way to administer medicines The different routes of administration can affect the rate and amount of drug absorption, affect the speed and strength of drug efficacy. For oral administration, the drug efficacy is easily affected by the contents of the gastrointestinal tract. The administration is usually before feeding, and the more irritating drugs should be fed after feeding; drugs that are not resistant to acid and alkali and are easily destroyed by digestive enzymes Should not be taken orally; systemic infections are good for injections, and oral medications are good for intestinal infections. Correctly calculate the drug use dose first to see the weight of the drug, capacity unit, do not confuse. Second, pay attention to the international unit of the drug and the conversion of milligrams, most antibiotics 1 milligram equals 1000 international units. Secondly, pay attention to the conversion of drug concentration, the percentage of purity refers to the proportion of weight, and the percentage of solution refers to the number of grams of solute in 100 ml of solution.

Clear Sterile Vacuum Vials are produced by aluminum caps, non-latex butyl stoppers and clear SCHOTT Neutral Type I glass vials. They are approved by cGMP and FDA with internally sterile.The production process is carried out under strict Class 100 workshop. Finished vials can meet the FDA`s authorised 14-day sterility test.Clear Sterile Vacuum Vials are used for allergist,mixing injectable products or nuclear medicine, PET-CT, Liquid collection.

Clear Sterile Vacuum Vials

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