Spring Seedlings See Key Management

The autumn harvest in spring is approaching the time for spring seedlings, and many people's concerns have focused on what kind of seedlings they planted. In the forums held in various industry forums and around the industry, seedling managers and experts gave various suggestions without a unified statement. In fact, seedling producers do not have to bother to judge the so-called market hotspots, and concentrate on the cultivation of their own advantageous products, as well as good returns.

Looking at the development of the nursery stock industry for more than 20 years, as long as it is the kind of trees needed for the greening of the market, despite the ups and downs of prices, as long as the producers insist on planting, they can obtain a good average income. Prominently, it is Longbai. In the third and fifth years, it is a cycle of alternating peaks and lows. There is basically no loss of money in long-term production. Seen from the sales of nursery stocks last year, the unmarketable varieties such as alfalfa have also sold at a good price. Seedling production has always had the characteristics of long input period, and it requires patience and patience. This is repeatedly proved by many successful nurseries.

It is undeniable that according to the market development prospects, hot spots and supply and demand conditions, some species can be planted in a targeted manner, and indeed higher profits can be obtained, such as Photinia or aquatic plants in previous years. However, this applies only to well-informed, risk-tolerant producers. For more producers, because the country's seedlings have a large area of ​​production and a large number of production units, the promotion of new varieties has great uncertainty and it is difficult to accurately grasp the market rhythm. In the end, it is very likely that everyone will be optimistic about a variety, but in the meantime, few people make money. Many people may have an impression on the poplar seedlings and fever. The result is that flour is more expensive than bread, and the planted tree does not sell seedlings. In addition, the cultivation of varieties that are not familiar to them is still facing technical difficulties.

As the whole society pays more attention to the ecological environment, the market space for seedlings is great. Instead of considering what kind of seedlings to plant, it is better to focus on how to plant a good seedling. Nowadays the diversity of plants is advocated. The market demand for seedlings is varied, and different seedlings have different uses. At the same time, the improvement of the greening level will require more and more high quality seedlings, good seedlings will not be written off, and profits will be high. Producers can fully rely on themselves to produce local dominant tree species and introduce high-quality specialty products. This not only improves the overall level of the seedling industry, but also avoids vicious competition due to excessive concentration of planting species. As the main production area of ​​Fatong, Shandong, Liying, through the continuous expansion of the tree species, the brand name was established and the business was prosperous all the year round, achieving good economic benefits.

Complex things are simple, simple things are done seriously, serious things are repeated, and repetitive things are done creatively. This is true investment. Seeds and seedlings are like investments, and the roads are simple. Faced with numerous and noisy and indiscriminate market information, producers need only to maintain a calm state of mind and constantly improve and do their own thing. The high standard of seedling products is itself a hot spot in the market.

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