Trough ironing machine industrial washing machine

Trough ironing machine industrial washing machine
1. Regularly check the wear and tear of the felt and spring wrapped around the roller. It is found that the wear is serious and should be replaced in time to avoid damage to the fabric and the working surface of the ironing trough.
2. If the equipment is not used for a long time, the water in the pipeline should be removed first, and the equipment should be wrapped with plastic cloth after adding wax and protective grease to the ironing tank.

Roller ironing machine:
1. When steam is supplied, when the steam reaches the specified pressure, open the bypass valve on the loop pipe, discharge the condensed water into the sewage pipe until the steam flows out, and then close the valve.
2. During the working process of the ironing machine, always pay attention to observe whether there is leakage steam in the rotary joint, and replace the graphite ring and the sealing ring. Please note that there is usually a small amount of leakage of steam when the graphite ring is just replaced, but after the ironing machine has been working for a while, the graphite ring is ground and the steam leakage will disappear automatically. If the steam leak does not disappear, the swivel should be replaced.

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