Which water livestock and poultry are not suitable for drinking

The drinking water supplied to livestock and poultry must be clean and hygienic, free of impurities, and free of pollution, otherwise it will often affect the growth and development of livestock and poultry, as well as feeding efficiency. Here are some of the waters that are not suitable for livestock or poultry to drink or feed:

Steamer steamer water often contains a lot of nitrite, livestock and poultry drinking this water for a long time, or eating feed mixed with this water, easily lead to nitrite poisoning.

Pit pond water, which does not flow for a long time, often contains a large amount of plankton, protozoa, parasites, and pathogenic bacteria. After drinking this water, livestock and poultry are susceptible to certain infectious and parasitic diseases.

Industrial wastewater industrial wastewater often contains a large amount of toxic and harmful substances, and livestock and poultry can easily cause poisoning or disease after drinking.

The fluoride content in the drinking water of high-fluorine water supply livestock and poultry is too high, which can easily cause fluorosis. Therefore, in the development of animal husbandry in high-fluorine areas, we must pay attention to solve the problem of water fluoride.

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