Eggs just cooked nutrition best

Nutrition experts pointed out that eggs should not be eaten alone, and it is best to eat together with pasta (carbohydrates), which can increase protein utilization.

Some people only eat eggs and a cup of milk for breakfast, so that the protein in the eggs will be lost. If you can eat a little bread or steamed bread at the same time, the protein in the eggs can be retained and absorbed by the body as much as possible.

Nowadays, people have more and more patterns for eating eggs, but some of them are harmful to health: drinking raw eggs, adding raw eggs to beer, and boiling eggs. Nutrition experts say that these methods of eating are not right, because the biotin in eggs is harmful to the human body, and these methods cannot destroy biotin.

The best steamed or boiled eggs to eat, steamed egg oysters, poached eggs, boiled eggs with the skin is a good way to eat, scrambled eggs are OK, but it is best not to eat fried eggs, because eggs fried yellow or fried paste will make protein transsexual.

Infant is suitable for steamed egg soup. After one or two years old, you can eat boiled eggs. After 3 years old, you can eat scrambled eggs. Old people try not to eat fried or fried eggs. When steaming chicken eggs or scrambled eggs, you can add some leeks, shrimps, etc. to the beaten eggs according to your own taste to increase the intake of nutrients.

It should be noted that if you eat boiled eggs, eggs are best cooked tender, that is, boiled and cook for five or six minutes on it, at this time, the egg's egg yolk has just solidified, eat this state of the egg, the body of protein The absorption rate is the highest.

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